Table of Contents: January 2020

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Volume 116, Number 1 — January 2020

Cover Story: An Unfair Game (pages 18-25)

After three years of physician participation, Medicare’s quality program to drive value-based care continues to generate confusion, frustration, and worry that it’s only going to swallow up more physicians in its complex and financially punitive gameplay. By Joey Berlin

Q&A: Physician Podcaster (pages 6-7)

Jeffrey Jarvis, MD’s love of teaching propelled him to host a nationally distributed podcast on the science behind emergency medicine. By David Doolittle

Quality: Supporting Fair APM Payments (page 26)

AMA backs accounting for social determinants of health.

Practice Management: Taking Privacy to a New Level (pages 28-29)

Starting Jan. 1, breach notification requirements will become even more stringent for Texas physicians after the state lowered the threshold for reporting incidents of compromised data. By Sean Price

Law: An Injury to Justice (pages 32-36)

TMA is working to upend a recent appeals court decision that threatens to give health plans an overwhelming advantage in fee disputes in workers compensation cases. By Joey Berlin

Public Health: Left in the Dust (page 38-40)

Texas physicians currently underreport workplace illnesses like silicosis. That can change by getting better patient work histories. By Sean Price

Public Health: Breaking Down Barriers (pages 42-44)

LARCs often don't go to the women who need them. A new state effort could change that. By Sean Price

Vaccines (page 46)

Talk to Patients About: Community Immunity

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Infographic: How Americans Feel About Health Care (page 30-31) 






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