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  • Turning Good Ideas Into Better Health

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    TMAF funded projects are selected on their ability to target urgent health needs affecting a large segment of the state's residents with results that can be measured. Projects often involve public-private partnerships, which maximize the effectiveness of programs and enable efforts to be tailored to meet local needs.

    Funded initiatives focus on the public health and science priorities of TMA: health promotion and disease prevention; targeted public health issues; science-based clinical decision making; public health advocacy and resources; scientific information; and border health.

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  • Ernest and Sarah Butler Awards for Excellence in Science Teaching

    Heather Fleming and her students study microbes in a new, exciting way.

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    TMA Minority Scholarship Program

    Rogelio Garcia discusses what inspired him to pursue medicine as a way to create "Healthy Futures."

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  • Hard Hats for Little Heads

    Connecting TMA and TMA Alliance members to other volunteers in their communities, TMA's Hard Hats for Little Heads is working to ensure safety of children across the state.

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    Be Wise - Immunize

    Terri Andrews, Tarrant County Medical Society Alliance member, former TMAF board member, and Immunization Collaboration of Tarrant Copunty president, explains how TMAF-funded programs are helping create a "Healthy Now."

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  • Walk With a Doc Texas

    Walk With a Doc Texas is a monthly walking program that encourages physicans to walk with their patients and local community. The program's mission is to encourage healthy physical activity in people of all ages, and reverse the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle in order to improve the health and well-being of the country.

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