Medical Burnout: Breaking Bad - 06/23/2021

A recent Washington Post/Kaiser Family Foundation survey of 1,327 front-line health care workers in the U.S. during the COVID-19 pandemic revealed that medical burnout has reached epidemic proportions.

Develop a Personal Crisis Management Plan With This Physicians Foundation Tool - 05/26/2021

A 2020 survey by The Physicians Foundation found that 58% of physicians experienced feelings of burnout during the pandemic, but only 13% reported seeking medical attention for a mental health problem as a result of COVID-19’s impact on their practice or employment.

County Medical Societies Develop Local Physician Wellness Resources With TMA Foundation Grants - 05/26/2021

Spurred by the demands and circumstances of delivering care during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Texas Medical Association Foundation established its Caring for Physician Healers: Mental Health and Wellness Resources During COVID-19 Fund with support from the Pfizer Foundation.

Physician Wellness at TexMed: Build Your Resilience Toolkit - 05/24/2021

Frustration. Fatigued. Anxious. Sadness. Overwhelmed. Stressed.

Prioritize Your Wellness With Help from TMA and the Physician Health and Wellness Committee - 05/23/2021

Physicians are so busy taking care of their patients, their families, and their communities they often don’t take care of themselves. Your health matters, and the Texas Medical Association has many resources to help take care of you. Check out TMA’s array of free CME programs to help you identify any negative emotions you might be experiencing and how to overcome them.

Physician and Alliance Leadership Needed - Join local school health advisory councils - 05/05/2021

Join your local school health advisory council (SHAC) to help improve community health and wellness. SHACs address all aspects of their school district’s school health program.

Back to the Heart - 04/30/2020

Cancer survivor Lee Tomlinson will stress compassionate care at TexMed 2020.