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In-Person Convention Poses ‘Significant’ Health Risks - 07/03/2020

Statement by Texas Medical Association President Diana L. Fite, MD, regarding the Texas Republican Party’s decision to hold an in-person state convention.

TMA Withdraws as GOP Convention Advertiser, Urges Party to Use Funds for Masks - 07/03/2020

The Texas Medical Association has withdrawn as an advertiser to the Texas GOP’s state convention after the party’s executive committee voted last night to go forward with plans to hold an in-person convention in Houston.

Governor Mandates Face Masks in Public Spaces in Most Texas Counties - 07/02/2020

Texans in counties with 20 or more positive COVID-19 cases will be required to wear a face covering over the nose and mouth in public spaces, with some exceptions, Gov. Greg Abbott ordered today. It takes effect at noon July 3.

TMA Applauds Governor’s Mask Order - 07/02/2020

“The physicians of Texas are very pleased that Governor Abbott is following the science. There is no question about it – face masks reduce the spread of COVID-19. They help protect the people wearing masks, and they help protect the people around them..."

TMA PPE Portal “Basically Kept Our Doors Open” - 07/02/2020

Northeast Texas Neurology Associates in Tyler was able to receive enough PPE to stay in business because of the Texas Medical Association PPE Portal, a partnership among TMA, county medical societies, and the state’s Hospital Preparedness Program partners and Regional Advisory Councils.

TMA House of Delegates to Go Virtual; Fall Conference Canceled - 07/02/2020

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Texas Medical Association Disaster Board voted to conduct a virtual meeting of the TMA House of Delegates that will culminate in a live virtual session on Saturday, Sept. 12. The board also voted to cancel the association’s TMA 2020 Fall Conference originally scheduled for Sept. 11-12 in the Austin area.

Caution Urged as Officials Continue to Monitor Coronavirus - 07/02/2020

State and federal health officials continue to monitor COVID-19. As of Wednesday afternoon, 168,062 cases and 2,481 deaths have been confirmed in Texas, according to a tracker for Texas COVID-19 cases published by the state Department of State Health Services.

What’s More Risky, Going to a Bar or Opening the Mail? - 07/02/2020

The Texas Medical Association COVID-19 Task Force and Committee on Infectious Diseases have created a chart that ranks activities on their risk level for COVID-19. The levels are based on input from the physician members of the task force and the committee, who worked from the assumption that – no matter the activity – participants were taking as many safety precautions as they can.

Here’s CDC Guidance for Vaccinations During COVID-19 - 07/01/2020

With so many changes in place because of the COVID-19 pandemic, how can physicians and other health care professionals best administer vaccinations safely? To help answer that question, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently produced interim guidance for administering vaccines during a pandemic.

Telemedicine and COVID-19 – What You Need to Know and Do - 07/01/2020

If you would like more help understanding the changes and how to utilize telemedicine to care for your patients, the Texas Medical Association has created several tools and resources for you.

On Pause for the Pandemic: Health Issues Sidelined Amid COVID-19 Response - 07/01/2020

Any physician can look out over the COVID-19 landscape and see important areas of health care tied to their specialty that are being downplayed or ignored as resources pour into fighting the pandemic and scared patients chose not to come to their doctors’ offices.

Covered for COVID? Business Interruption Insurance Could Come in Handy - 07/01/2020

Business interruption insurance could come in handy for losses related to COVID-19.

The Tele-Future is Now: Will Telemedicine's Footprint Be Permanent Post-COVID-19? - 07/01/2020

COVID-19 threw Texas physicians headlong into telemedicine. Will its increased footprint be permanent? Physicians tell Texas Medicine that depends how telemedicine will be regulated and paid for.

Governor Expands Elective Surgery Suspension to Hospitals in Four South Texas Counties - 06/30/2020

Gov. Greg Abbott today suspended most non-emergent elective surgeries at hospitals in Corpus Christi and three Rio Grande Valley counties to help ensure capacity for COVID-19 patients.

TMA Urges Republican Party to Change In-Person Convention Plans - 06/30/2020

The Texas Medical Association today urged the Republican Party of Texas to rethink its plans to hold its biennial state convention in person amid a recent spike in COVID-19 cases across the state and the Houston area.

TMA Calls on Republican Party of Texas to Cancel In-Person Meeting - 06/30/2020

Editor's note: TMA sent the attached letter to the Republican Party of Texas this morning. We are hopeful the party will follow our recommendation. "Dear Mr. Dickey, Ms. Jackson, and Mr. Whatley: On behalf of the more than 53,000 physician and medical student members of the Texas Medical Association, I am writing to recommend that Republican Party of Texas (RPT) reconsider its decision to conduct your state convention as an in-person function in Houston on July 16-18. This is just not the time to bring thousands of the party faithful from around the state to an indoor meeting in a county that, as I write, reports more than 18,000 active COVID-19 cases..."

Telemedicine Payments Promised, Regulations Eased - 06/29/2020

To help Texas physicians safely and effectively treat patients during the COVID-19 pandemic, several changes to telemedicine visits have taken effect, including payment for services and which platforms can be used.

Considering Telemedicine in the Wake of COVID-19? - 06/29/2020

Much of America, Texas included, is engaged in a big “what if” conversation about what happens next with the coronavirus disease, COVID-19. Could telemedicine be part of the solution for your practice?

COVID-19 Deadlines for Doctors - 06/29/2020

Upcoming deadlines and extensions in effect during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Telephone-Only Consultation Coverage and Payment Vary - 06/29/2020

The use of telemedicine has been expanded so physicians can safely and effectively treat patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, some people don’t have smartphones with video capability, meaning visits will have to be done via old-fashioned phone calls. Which health plans cover telephone-only patient visits, and what exactly do they pay for?

Texas Medicaid, CHIP Extend Telemedicine Changes Through July - 06/29/2020

As requested by the Texas Medical Association, the Health and Human Services Commission has extended some Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) flexibilities through July 31.

Paying the Price for PPE - 06/26/2020

The early days of the COVID-19 pandemic threw the market for personal protective equipment (PPE) into chaos. So physicians and county medical societies across Texas found they had to go big or go home when it came to obtaining those critical supplies.

PPE Distributed to Fort Worth-Area Physicians - 06/26/2020

Some North Texas physicians are about to receive desperately needed personal protective equipment thanks to a partnership between the Texas Medical Association, the Tarrant County Medical Society, and the North Texas Regional Advisory Council.

What is This “TMA PPE Portal?” - 06/26/2020

The system the Texas Medical Association set up to connect community physicians with state supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE) has been operating since May 1. But judging by calls to the TMA Knowledge Center, Texas physicians still have lots of questions about the TMA PPE Portal.

Watch Your TV for an Important TMA Reminder to Your Patients - 06/26/2020

Texas Medical Association physicians – and a very important message to your patients – are coming to a television station near you. TMA in May produced a public service announcement (PSA) to remind patients to seek treatment for any medical conditions – incuding COVID-19. TV stations in your city have told TMA they plan to air the PSA.