Border Health

Improve Health in Border Communities - 04/09/2019

Each year Texas gains more than half a million new residents, and many of these residents – children and adults – live and work in the counties bordering Mexico. Both urban and rural border counties have varying levels of public health resources but all face growing challenges to protect the health of their residents. Our local and state public health infrastructure must be prepared to respond to emerging health threats.

Borders Without Enough Doctors: El Paso Physicians Volunteer Care for Asylum-Seekers - 04/02/2019

Dr. Gutierrez is part of a small group of El Paso physicians who provide volunteer medical care at the city’s 18 shelters for asylum-seekers entering the United States through the Texas border. What started in October 2018 as a local, ad hoc way to address health care needs among the steady stream of immigrants is gradually turning into a statewide — even national — network of volunteer physicians.

Help Prevent Unwanted Teen Pregnancies in the RGV - 08/03/2018

If you would like training on Nexplanon and IUD counseling, insertion, and removal, the Texas Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy is offering a free workshop Aug. 28 in Edinburg. The training will run in conjunction with the South Texas Adolescent Health Summit.

Health Care for Undocumented Immigrants in Texas - 06/26/2018

Providing health care to the 1.6 million undocumented immigrants in Texas is an existing challenge. Despite continued growth of this vulnerable population, legislation between 1986 and 2013 has made it more difficult for states to provide adequate and cost-effective care. As this population ages and develops chronic illnesses, Texas physicians, health care administrators, and legislators will be facing a major challenge.

Texas Doctors Ready to Help Care for Migrant Children - 06/22/2018

Just as they did several years ago, Texas physicians stand ready to volunteer their help as the federal government addresses an influx of thousands of migrant children and their families at the United States-Mexico border.

Physicians, Lawmakers Address Health Issues Along Border - 09/18/2017

To address serious health concerns along the Texas-Mexico border, TMA’s Border Health Caucus in August held its annual Border Health Conference in Edinburg.

Border Physicians Ask Dewhurst, Straus for Action on Dual-Eligible Cut - 05/20/2016

TMA’s Border Health Caucus called on Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and House Speaker Joe Straus to stop the cuts in dual-eligible payments before another disastrous January rolls around.

Save the Date: Border Health Caucus 10th Annual Conference - 05/20/2016

Save the Date: Border Health Caucus 10th Annual Conference

Plan to Attend the Annual Border Health Conference In D.C. - 05/20/2016

Texas physicians representing the Border Health Caucus hosted a roundtable discussion and met with members of Congress in Washington, D.C., to discuss obstacles interfering with their ability to deliver health care.

Dr. Benavides' Letter to Editor - 05/20/2016

There is significantly more data that could help the taxpayers understand. Start with the fact that the numbers represent gross payment, not “take home” pay. Even the most efficient office has a 50-60% overhead expense. Most of that expense is for employee salaries and benefits. If you take into account all the money the Laredo Doctors are re-investing in our community in staff salaries, the public would understand better.

8th Annual Border Health Conference: Huge Success - 05/20/2016

The 8th Annual Border Health Conference was held August 23, 2013 in Laredo, Texas.  This was the first time the Texas Medical Association’s Border Health Caucus held the conference on the border. U.S. House Representative Henry Cuellar served as the congressional chair for the event.  Participants included the Mexican health ministry, local government, insurance plans, and physicians from across the state. The purpose of the conference was to address issues in several areas including: Public Health Collaboration between U.S. and Mexico, Graduate Medical Education, the Sustainable Growth Rate, and the Affordable Care Act.  Attendees also toured a local Colonia and health clinic so they could see firsthand the challenges facing border patients.