TMA Leadership & Professional Development Center


    Develop and Foster the Leader Within

    The TMA Leadership and Professional Development Center is designed to help you build your leadership skills, enhance your resume, boost your career and gain an understanding of how you can make an impact in your association and community.

  • Understanding the Association

    TMA offers more than two dozen physician-led bodies that develop policy for the association. Learn about TMA's parliamentary rules, how to write a resolution, and discover opportunities to participate in advocacy efforts.

    TMA Leadership 101

    Professional Development Resources

    TMA helps physicians grow at every stage of their career. Explore open job opportunities and get expert advice on everything from interview prep and mentorships to contract negotiations and effective management.

    Advance Your Career
  • Leadership Fundamentals

    Being a great leader doesn’t happen overnight. TMA offers a numbers of tools to help you master the fundamentals of leadership including enhanced interpersonal skills and an expanded cultural awareness.

    Essential Building Blocks

  • Women in Medicine

    The tide is changing. Both nationally and in Texas, women now outnumber men as first-year medical school enrollees. Use TMA’s resources to get help battling bias, burnout, and harassment.

    Lead the Field

    TMA Leadership College

    Are you a young physician under 40 or in your first 8 years of practice? Apply for TMA’s tuition-free program that trains physicians to serve as thought leaders within their communities and aims to close the divide among clinicians and health care policy makers.

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  • Advanced Leadership Skills

    Leadership development is a lifelong journey and it doesn't stop once you reach the top. The mark of a strong leader is an equally strong team. Use TMA’s resources to take your leadership skills to the next level by fostering a positive culture within your organization as well as with your colleagues and subordinates.

    Master Your Role as a Leader

  • Just for Med Students

    Make the most of your time as a medical student. Use TMA's free resources to help overcome stress and burnout, navigate professional boundaries with patients, and prepare for a successful career in medicine.

    Resources Beyond The Classroom

    Just for Residents

    Congratulations, you're officially licensed in Texas! To effectively shift from residency to practice, use TMA's resources for help navigating topics like non-compete covenants and medical malpractice.

    Tools for Your Transition