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  • TMA Partners to Boost HPV Vaccination Rates

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    To help improve HPV vaccination rates, the Texas Medical Association joined with a coalition of more than 40 other organizations Tuesday to announce a renewed statewide immunization campaign to prevent HPV-related cancers.

    TMA's Eight Point Plan to Improve Vaccine Rates  
  • TMA House OKs Plan to Stop Cancer Before it Starts

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    The TMA House of Delegates on Saturday, May 19, approved an eight-point plan designed to help reduce resistance to vaccinating children against the cancer-causing human papillomavirus (HPV).

    TMA Makes Cancer Prevention a Top Priority  
  • Don't Let HPV Go Viral!

    Do you know how many people will contract HPV in their lifetime? Watch our animated video to find out!
  • Talk to Patients About: HPV

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    HPV — short for human papillomavirus — is the world’s most common sexually transmitted infection. And it can cause cancer.

    The Threat Is Real
  • You Are the Key to HPV Cancer Prevention

    Every year, 27,000 men and women are affected by human papillomavirus (HPV)--related cancers. Most of these can be prevented by vaccinating boys and girls ages 11--12. Watch a short video that emphasizes the importance of prevention from three different perspectives--an OB-GYN who treats cervical cancer daily, a pediatrician and mom who vaccinated her own daughters, and a cervical cancer survivor. As a clinician, you are the key to closing the door to cancer today.

  • Talking With Parents About HPV Vaccine

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    Recommend HPV vaccination in the same way and on the same day as all adolescent vaccines. You can say, “Now that your son is 11, he is due for vaccinations today to help protect him from meningitis, HPV cancers, and pertussis.” Remind parents of the follow-up shots their child will need and ask them to make appointments before they leave.

    CDC Tips on How to Talk to Parents  
  • National HPV Resources

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    Here you will find national HPV guidelines, resources, recommendations, data resources, and policy from national agencies and organizations.

    What Are the National Guidelines on HPV?  
  • State HPV Resources

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    Here you will find state HPV programs, recommendations, laws and regulatory guidelines, data resources, opportunities, and policy from state agencies and organizations

    More on Texas HPV Resources  

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