Young Physician Section

  • What Is the Young Physician Section (YPS)?

    Physicians in their first eight years of practice are considered "young physicians". With your TMA physician membership, you are included in the TMA Young Physician Section (YPS) and are encouraged to participate in its activities and meetings. The YPS provides an opportunity to network with peers, learn about issues affecting newly-practicing physicians, and influence TMA policy through representation in the House of Delegates.

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  • Young Physician Section Member Highlight

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    Emma Dishner, MD, MPH

    Meet Dallas infectious diseases physician, Emma Dishner, MD, MPH, chair-elect of the Texas Medical Association’s Young Physician Section.

    What benefits have you derived from your membership in the section?
    In the YPS there is a camaraderie of feeling the pressures of proving oneself at work, feeling the pressures of home life, and wanting also to make a difference for our profession. I find this camaraderie very comforting.

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  • Leadership

  • YPS Leadership

    The Young Physician Section is governed by its operating procedures and led by the YPS Executive Council. The YPS Executive Council is currently comprised of the chair, chair-elect, immediate past chair, secretary, TMA delegates and alternates, and AMA delegates and alternates. Get more information on these positions.

    Read the Letter From the Chair

  • TMA Leadership College

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    The Texas Medical Association Leadership College (TMALC) is an intensive leadership program designed to identify, orient, and train young physician members for future leadership positions within TMA, specialty and county medical societies, and throughout their careers.

    Leadership Training for Young Physicians  
  • Section Awards

  • Young at Heart Award

    The TMA Young Physician Section Young at Heart Award was implemented in 1992 to recognize a TMA physician member or group of TMA physician members who have provided exceptional guidance and support to the Section or to young physicians in general.

    During TexMed 2024, TMA's Annual Meeting, the award winner was Kelly Bennett, MD

    Nominate a physician for the Young at Heard, Award by Feb. 20.

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  • Michael O'Malley, MD, Memorial Scholarship

    The Michael O’Malley, MD, Memorial Scholarship awards $1,000 annually to a senior at a rural Texas high school who excels in science and intends to pursue education in the field of medicine on their way to becoming a physician.

    Dr. O’Malley, a recipient of a similar scholarship himself, was an internal medicine physician in Galveston and past chair of the TMA Young Physician Section. In his memory, this scholarship is intended to assist the most talented students pursue a career in medicine.

    Applications for the 2023 scholarship have now closed. Applicants will be notified of their status in April 2023.

  • Free Education and Resources

  • Tips for Navigating and Negotiating Contracts

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    As a physician, you are party to a wide variety of contracts with vendors, employers, partners, secondary providers, and more. Unfamiliarity with the language used in contracts as well as negotiation tactics can put you at a disadvantage and even at risk for liability. 

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    Whether you’re just starting out, joining an established group, or need help growing your practice, tap into TMA education and professional development programs to learn about everything from medical records management to marketing. No matter how you choose to practice, be sure to access free TMA resources for personal and professional growth.

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