Individuals Who Donated in 2020

 Thank you to all individual donors who contributed in 2020 and created a Healthy Now and a Healthy Future for more Texans (levels recognize all gifts made in 2020).
See a list of our valued institutional donors.  

Roberto J. Bayardo, MD

Gregory R. Johnson, MD, SFHM

Lee Ann Pearse, MD and Mr. Einar Vagnes
Dr. Susan M. Pike and Dr. Harry T. Papaconstantinou

Dr. and Mrs. Ernest C. Butler
Gary Randall Clayton, MD

Baldemar Covarrubias, MD
Dr. David and Mrs. Angela Donahue
Diana L. Fite, MD
Dr. Clifford and Diane Moy
Dr. Carla Ortique and Mr. Morris Overstreet
Beatriz A. Parra, MD
Ms. Regina Rogers
Hemant H. Vankawala, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Vijjeswarapu

Ferit Acar, MD
Dr. Charles and Mrs. Terri Andrews
C. Enrique Batres, MD
Alan C. Baum, MD
Drs. Louise H. and Henry L. Bethea
Ching-Yen Joseph Chang, MD
Larry C. Driver, MD
Robert H. Emmick Jr., MD
James R. Eskew, MD and Lynn R. Langley
Barry J. Fenton, MD
Dr. David and Jamie Fleeger
Gregory M. Fuller, MD
John R. Gilmore, MD
Mrs. Diane Finch Grant
Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Gross
Juan M. Guerrero, MD
Dr. and Mrs. R. Moss Hampton
Tom B. Hancher, MD
Steven R. Hays, MD
Drs. J. Russell and Isabel V. Hoverman
James William Huston, MD
Cynthia Jumper, MD, MPH, MACP and Reid Norman, PhD
Khushalani Foundation
Austin Irvin King, MD
Mark J. Kubala, MD
Benjamin C. Lee, MD
McCallum Family Foundation
August James Mitchon, MD
Dr. Jerry and Kathrine Newton
Craig Norman, RPh
J. Timothy Parker, MD
Drs. Mary Dale Peterson and Rafael Coutin
Dr. and Mrs. Stuart Pickell
Dr. Paul and Mrs. Debbie Pitts
Dr. John and Mrs. Lisa Queralt
Drs. Rajam and Somayaji Ramamurthy
Angela Rechichi, MD
Kim M. Rice, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Leonard Riggs
Dr. Leslie and Mrs. Linda Secrest
Raul Sepulveda, MD
Jayesh B. Shah, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Speer
Janice Ann Stachowiak, MD
Susan M. Strate, MD
Laurie J. Sutor, MD
Albert G. Tesoriero, MD
Mrs. Amy Whited
E. Thomas Wightman, MD*
Josie R. Williams, MD, MMM, CPE

Joseph P. Annis, MD
Dr. Susan R. Bailey and Mr. Doug Bailey
Perry Eugene Bassett, MD
Julie Anne Bingham, MD
Alex Joseph Blanco, MD
James G. Brooks Jr., MD
Turner M. Caldwell III, MD
Dr. Rob and Julie Cowan
Sandra D. Dickerson, MD
Dr. Bob Fine and Nina Cortell
Deborah A. Fuller, MD
Dr. and Mrs. A. Tomas Garcia, III
Dr. Melissa Garretson and Mr. Christopher Leu
Dr. and Mrs. Albert Gros
Drs. Leslie M. and Steven E. Haber
Shannon Hancher-Hodges, MD
Dr. Harris and Mrs. Barbara Hauser
Mary Love (Bitsy) Henderson and Sid Mallory
Daniel L. Howell Jr., MD
A. Ray Jacobson, MD
Mrs. Judy Rowe Koehl
Terrance A. McBurney, MD
Dr. Bruce and Mary Meyers
Dr. and Mrs. Gerardo Ortega
Gregory Phillips, MD
Drs. Linda G. and James A. Prentice
Charlotte Stelly-Seitz, MD and Mr. Bill Seitz
Dr. Joe and Mrs. Susan Todd
May Yung-Fun W. Wang, MD
Drs. Arlo Weltge and Janet Macheledt
Courtney Williams, MD

Ms. Karen Batory
Drs. Keith and Kelly Bourgeois
Lucy A. Buencamino, MD
Mark A. Casanova, MD
Alberto Cepeda, MD
Mrs. Barbara Chapman
Jeffrey Chase, MD, PA
Dr. and Mrs. Fred F. Ciarochi
Dr. Brett and Mrs. Caryl Cochrum
Joe L. Cole, MD
Sandy and Hugh Bob Currie
Lisa L. Ehrlich, MD
Bryan Eppstein
Mrs. Tera Ferguson
Dr. Fred M. and Mrs. Rhea Fry
Angela Fulgham Gardner, MD
Gerald Q. Greenfield, MD, PA
Thomas D. Greider, MD
Curtis Eric Grey, MD
Jedidiah J. Grisel, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Robert T. Gunby Jr.
Richard E. Helmer III, MD
Robert E. Jackson, MD, MACP
Vijay Kumar Krishnan, MD
Drs. Rose Lyn Zanville and Larry Laufer
Li-Yu H. Mitchell, MD
Kim Monday, MD
Mrs. Sunshine Moore
Charles B. Mullins, MD
Timothy D. Nichols, MD
Mrs. Chere Prados
Vivek U. Rao, MD
Rene M. Rodriguez, MD
William Schleuse, MD
Jane and Mark Schoomaker
Evans S. Smith, MD
E. Linda Villarreal, MD

Sharron K. Acosta, MD and Joseph T. Kavanagh, MD
Todd W. Adam, MD
Mrs. Linda Swan Adkins
Jane F. Admire, MD
Jennifer Elaine Aldrich, MD
Micaela Aleman, MD
Jennifer M. Almonte-Gonzalez, MD and Tomas A. Gonzalez, MD
Marilyn Anderson
Richard Anderson, MD
Mr. Brent Annear
Mario Rudy Anzaldua, MD
Adil Asaduddin, MD
Lynn Azuma, MD
Violeta Tamara Baddour, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Kulvinder S. Bajwa
I. L. Balkcom IV, MD
Abimbola Michael Banjo, MD
Janette K. Bateman, MD
Wendall C. Bauman Jr., MD
Luis Manuel Benavides, MD
Richard Bercher, MD
Howard Lysle Berg, MD
Dr. Spencer and Mrs. Linda Berthelsen
Dr. and Mrs. Guy V. Blumhagen
Teresa E. Boehm, MD
Mary Bone Adamson, MD
Emily D. Briggs, MD
Cynthia Ruth Brown, MD and Byron Linus Brown, MD
Mrs. Debby Brown
Mrs. Martha Bruner
Stanislaw R. Burzynski, MD
Celeste X. Caballero, MD
Sarah G. Candler, MD
David William Carlson, MD
James M. Caskey, MD
James Erich Cawley, MD and Dora Elisa Cawley, MD
Sheldon Clark Chaffer II, MD
Dr. Gerald and Mrs. Layna Chase
Dr. and Mrs. D. L. Chumley
Mr. Leo Clavijo
Cynthia Olfers Clegg, MD
Leslie R. Cler, MD
Alan M. Coleman, MD
Terry M. Collier, MD
Stuart M. Connell, MD
Jack A. Conoley, MD
Marshall L. Cook, MD
Mr. Daniel Cook
Leslie Cortes, MD
Carey Cribbs, MD
Joe H. Cunningham, MD
Nancy N. Dambro, MD
James P. Davis and Martha E. Pugh, MD
Rafael J. Deliz Velez, MD
Dr. Zul and Parviz Dhanani
Dayna G. Diven, MD
John D. Doty, MD
Mrs. Lisa Drever
Nabiha Y. Driscoll, MD
Jorge A. Duchicela, MD
James F. Dunn, MD
Gretchen M. Eames. MD
Ms. Carol Eckman
Robin M. Eickhoff, MD, MPH, CPC
Latifa Fakoya, DO
Frank Joseph Fasullo Jr., MD
Ms. Susan Fasulo
Dr. Arnold and Christine Fenrich
Richard Ross Finch, DO
Dr. and Mrs. Jan Fuerst
Vikas R. Gandhi, DO
Nita S. Gandhi, MD
Fernando Garcia, MD
Khalid Aziz Ghazy, MD
Cameron D. Godfrey, MD
Dr. & Mrs. Gordon Green
Maria T. Guidry, MD
Jenifer L. Hammond, MD
Ori Z. Hampel, MD
Talynn A. Hanissian, MD
Madeline W. Harford, MD
David T. Hayes, MD and Shannon Williams Hayes, MD
Mr. Patrick Hearn
James P. Herd, MD
LaQuisa C. Hill, MD
David Anthony Hnatow, MD
Ken C. Hopper, MD
James C. Hoyle Jr., MD
Charles Von Oden Hughes, MD
Ann C Hughes Bass, MD
S. Marshal Isaacs, MD
Tulika Jain, MD
Joseph Dillon Jenkins, DO
Ms. Gail S. Jenkins
Mrs. Kelli Johnson
Mrs. Cheryl Jones
Shalita M. Jones, MD
Stephanie C. Jones, MD
Rhonda B. Jordan, MD
Nicole Jurisch
Ryan M. Kagan, DO
Bryan and Shannon Kalil
F. Adam Kawley, MD
Fareha Abid Kazi, MD
Thomas P. Kenjarski, MD
David C. Kerr, MD
Mrs. Pat Key
Roohi M. Khan, MD
Ahmad A. Khan, MD
Rainer Anil Khetan, MD and Anita Kushwaha Khetan, MD
Daniel J. Kim, MD
Bernard C. Kim, MD
Nandini D. Kohli, MD
Michael Krebs, MD
Ignazio G. La China, MD
Ms. Jaimer Larmer
Victor R. Lavis, MD
Don Allen Lawrence, DO
Benjamin J. Leeah, MD
Mrs. Jennifer Lewis
Teresa Kreps Lightner, MD
Paul W. Loeffler, MD
Mrs. Patty Loose
Victor I. Lugo-Miro, MD
Kevin Carl Lunde, MD
Randall P. Martin, DO
Matthew C. Maruska, DO
Mrs. Anne McCrady
M. Dwain McDonald, MD
Chad M. McDuffie, MD
Bonnie L. McKenzie, MD
Shawn and Cindy McLaughlin
B. Rai Mehta, MD
Jaideep Mehta, MD, MBA
D. Scott Miller, MD
Dr. James and Mrs. Amy Miller
Ms. Kay Mitchell
Rodolfo Molina, MD
Lauren Beth Monti, MD
R. Alan Moore Jr., MD
Kristie H. Moss, MD
Robert Alan Naismith, MD
Dennis E. Newton III, MD
Cordell O. Nwokeji, MD
Fidel Lopez Ogeda, MD
Annette Okai, MD
Dennis C. Oliver, MD
Dorothy N. Overman, MD
Nicole Marie Owens, MD
Ricardo Alberto Pacheco Torres, MD
Dr. David and Mrs. Patty Palafox
Shalin D. Patel, MD
Bradford S. Patt, MD
Daniel B. Pearson III, MD
Karen Alexis Pilgrim-King, MD
Evan G. Pivalizza, MD
Anne Marie Ponce De Leon, MD
Edward J. Prejean III, MD and Linda J. Delwood, MD
Louis Frank Puig III, MD
William H. Quayle, MD
James E. Race, MD
Marilyn A. Rafanan, MD
Larry E. Reaves, MD
Vangala J. Reddy, MD
John P. Ricks, MD
Mr. Rodney Rios
Allen L. Roberts, MD
Robin A. Roberts, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Jim and Charli Rohack
Elizabeth A. Roseberry, MD
Rachel L Rucker, MD
Heine Ruiz, MD
Alberto Santos, DO
Rose L. Schneier, MD
Herman J. Schultz, MD
Dan K. Seilheimer, MD
Dr. Mark and Mary Ann Shelton
Akkamahadevi P. Shringer, MD
Stefan W. Shuaib, MD
Ezequiel Silva III, MD
Harbans Singh, MD
Atul Kumar Singhal, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Arnold B. Skor
Mauricio E. Smart, MD and Stephanie U. Morris, MD
Charlotte Hoehne Smith, MD
Harry J. Smith, MD
Karen Van Matre Smith, MD
Richard W. Snyder II, MD
Susanna C. Spence, MD
Matthew B. Stahlman, MD
Ms. Emily Steele
Gordon Bertram Strom Jr., MD
Irvin Sulapas, MD
Bin S. Sung, MD
Ms. Marilyn A. Tanner
B. L. Temple, MD
Ira L. Thomas, MD
Gretchen Faye Toler, MD
Heidi D. Tomlinson, MD
Ana M. Torres, MD
Ted Dawson Trimble, MD
Anne Terese Tuveson, MD
Tracie Dalene Updike, MD
Dr. Richard and Lori Urso
Cesar Baquiran Velasco, MD
Steve and Libby White
Susi Whitworth, MD
Dr. Barry and Shana Wilcox
Dr. and Mrs. J. S. Wilkenfeld
Lucas Wong, MD and Lisa Go, MD
Mrs. Mertie Wood
Alisha Y. Young, MD
Rodney B. Young, MD
Michael A. Zanchi, MD

Up to $99
Alan Richard Abando, MD
Amanuel M. Abreha, MD
Martha Abreu-Macomber, MD
Stephanie C. Abron, MD
Francisco Antonio Acebo, MD
Mary Z. Adams, MD
Raymond T. Adedapo, MD
Emmanuel U. Agoh, MD
Michelle M. Agrons, MD
Ryan W. Ahern, MD
Anisa Ahmed, MD
Nuzhat F. Ahmed, MD
Imtiaz Ahmed, MD
Ms. Jennifer Ainsworth
Akinyinka A. Ajelabi, MD
Akintoluwa Anthony Akinjaiyeju, MD
Novera Akram, MD
Aruna Akundi, MD
Maurice Al Azar, MD
Brent Alford, MD
Basit Bob Ali, DO
Lori Renee Allembaugh, DO
Valarie Lee Allman, MD
P. Stephen Almond, MD
Melanie J. Alo, MD
Mr. Corvin Alstot
Malena M. Amato, MD
Young C. An, MD
Vikram M. Anand, MD
C. Lynn Anderson Jr., MD
Charles Peter Anderson, MD
Timothy W. Anderson, MD
Mikala Brooke Anderson, DO
Cheri Lynn Andrews, DO
Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Anekwe, MD
John H. Ansohn, DO
Luis Arandia-Antelo, MD
Vamsi K. Aribindi, MD
Ronald Joseph Aronoff, MD
Deepika Arora, MD
Prabha Arumugam, MD
David E. Auer, MD
Anissa G. August, MD
Brenda Jones Axmann, MD
Ravinder Bachireddy, MD
Randi H. Baculi, MD
Dolores Bailey, DO
Omavi Bailey, MD
Mrs. Sue J. Bailey
Harshi S. Bains, MD
Kelash Bajaj, MD
James Elwood Baker Jr., MD
Clarissa A. Balli, MD
John E. Barber, MD
Carlos Raul Barcelo, MD
Masha M. Barenbaum, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Barker
Susan A. Barrows, MD
Dr. David and Mrs. Leta Barry
Cristina B. Bartis, MD
Justin V. Bartos, MD
Arti Baskaran, MD
Benjamin Amos Bassichis, MD
Craig Clark Beasley, MD
Cliff H. Beasley, MD
Stacy Russell Beaty, MD
Cynthia Lais Beauchamp, MD
Marian J. Bednar, MD
Katherine A. Bell, MD
Kathleen Reilly Bell, MD
Enrique F. Benavides III, MD
Joseph F. Benenate, DO
Martin Russel Berk, MD
Robert Brian Berryman, MD
Nikhil Kiran Bhayani, MD
Subodh Kumar Bhuchar, MD
Raymond Emile Bietry III, MD
Mr. Samuel R. Billioni
Skylar K. Bizzell, MD
David Lawson Blackburn, MD
Donald L. Blair II, MD
Pedro A. Blandon, MD
Mrs. Cindy Blaydon
Susan K. Blue, MD
Byron J. Bohnn, MD
Drs. Brian and Lori Boies
Marian E. Bonner, MD
Mr. Martin Bontz
Fredricka Montague Borland, MD
Kent-Andrew Boucher, MD
Albert O. Boyd, MD
Richard N. Bradley, MD
Antonio Braga, MD
James R. Brand, MD
Heather M. Brandfellner, DO
Juliet S. Breeze, MD
Ms. Heidi Brewer
Beau A. Briese, MD
Rudy Phillip Briner, MD
Tamar F. Brionez, MD
Veronica Broadnax, MD
Patricia Charlene L Brock, DO
Theresa Poth Brown, DO
Gilbert C. Brown, MD
Oscar Wharton Brown III, MD
Catherine P. Browne, DO
Tonya M. Brown-Price, MD
Clinton Ray Brunson, MD
Amy Lyn Brunt, MD
Errol B. Bryce, MD
Andrew Brylowski, MD
Ernest Dale Buck, MD
R. Bruce Buechler, MD
Cindy-Thanhhoa H. Bui, MD
Kenneth J. Buley, MD
Don Paul Bunnell, MD
Scott Alan Burdette, MD
Rosalia C. F. Burke, MD
William Sidney Burkes, MD
Chris Jason Burnett, MD
John L. Burns, MD
Michael E. Burton, MD
Allen W. Burton, MD
Todd Michael Burton, MD
Naga S. Bushan, MD
Robert Solis Busuego, MD
Robert W. Butner, MD
Jeffery Todd Butterfield, MD
Karl M. Buttermann, MD
Stephanie Ilene Byerly, MD
Daniel Wilson Bywaters, MD
Mr. David R. Cabe
James Caccitolo, MD
Joseph G. Caero, MD
Tammy M. Camp, MD
Dale Keith Campbell, MD
Michael T. Cane, MD
Russell Meredith Canham, MD
Mr. Frank A. Cano
Jessica Anne Cantu, MD
Melchor Pablo Cardenas, MD
Timothy D. Carder, MD
Robert J. Carpenter Jr., MD
Bernardo Carpio, MD
Neil Thomas Carstens, MD
Gregory Sterling Carter, MD
Christina E. Castleberry Robinson, MD
Jaime H. Castro, MD
Belmund Ray Ypulong Catague, MD
Clifton Hill Cathcart Jr., DO
Clay A. Cauthen, MD
Filiberto Cedeno Laurent, MD
John E. Champion, MD
Rachel G. Chandler, MD
Binoy M. Chandy, MD
Edwin Howard Charnock, MD
Anthony Chavez, MD
Muhammad Q. Cheema, MD
Phebe C. Chen, MD
Kuruvilla Mani Cheriparambil, MD
Michael Shau-Fung Cheung, MD
Dair T. Chevalier, MD
Caleb S. Choe, MD
Yi-Chun Chou, MD
Griengsak Chowpaknam, MD
Laurence Chu, MD
Christopher Sung Jin Chun, MD
Michael L. Cimo, MD
Mr. Ronald J. Clearfield
Audra L. Clos, MD
Claire Marie Coco, MD
Vaydor Frank Cody, MD, PA
David W. Coghe, MD
Mr. Martin and Dr. Kelli Cohen Fein
Nathan Ralph Cohen, MD
John F. Cole, DO
Steven L. Cole, MD
Rebecca R. Collins, MD
Lester B. Collins III, MD
Kevin P. Comfort, MD
Brandi A. Compton-Joseph, MD
Robert Henry Connaughton, MD
John E. Conway, MD
H. David Cook, MD
Patrick R. Cook, DO
Christopher Ryan Cook, DO
Shannon Eugene Cooke, MD
Richard Scott Cooper, MD
Carol W. Cooper
Lori E. Coors, MD
Louis M. Corne Jr., MD
Jack Locardi Cortese, MD
Joshua C. Coursey, MD
Cody Allen Cox, MD
Paul Andrew Cox, MD
Susan Kay Craig, MD
Grant A. Craig, MD
Ms. Carol Cramer
Julie Heflin Crawford, MD
Adam C. Crawford, MD
J. Lauren Crawford, MD
Karen E. Cress, MD
Blake A. Cross, DO
Robert Burnell Curtis, MD
Blair L. Cushing, MD
David W. Cuthbertson, MD
Razvan T. Dadu, MD
Jimmy W. Dailey, MD
Mr. Joseph B. Dailey
Mr. Arthur Dailey
Andrew Montgomery Dale, MD
Stuart Damore, MD
Matthew K. Dang, MD
Ms. Stephanie Daniels
Sandeep Ram Das, MD
Ryan R. Davies, MD
Mrs. Chris Davies
Mark Owen Davis, MD
Jay B. Davis, MD
Mayli L. Davis, MD
Humberto Henrique De La Vega, MD
Annie Delisio, MD
Ebrahim Delpassand, MD
Aleigha A. DeLukie, DO
Paula Lajean Denson, MD
Nina Desai, MD
Thomas N. Dewar, MD
Shagun Dhaliwal, MD
Neha V. Dhudshia, MD
Katherine Diase, MD
Jorge Armando Diaz, MD
D. Lynn Dickens, MD
Rakhi C. Dimino, MD
Emma L. Dishner, MD
Darrell Russell Dixon, MD
Ha C. Do, MD
Kathleen Boyd Dollins, MD
Cristian E. Dominguez, MD
Jose G. Dones Vazquez, MD
Snehal J. Doshi, MD
Babatunde I. Dosu, MD
Franklin Marshall Douglis, MD
Marilyn M. Doyle, MD
Beverly A. Dreher, MD
John P. Duggan Jr., MD
Robert L. Duhaney, MD
Thomas Everett Duncan, MD
Charles Alman Duncan, MD
Barbara Louise Durso, MD
Gregory L. Eads, MD
Carolyn Eaton, MD
Joseph D. Eddings, MD
John M. Eggleston III, MD
Mark Carroll Eidson, MD
Michael Eisenberg, MD
Roderick David Ekmark, MD
Augustine O. Eleje, MD
Carlos R. Elizondo, MD
Christopher James Ellis, MD
Vernon G. Ellis, MD
Rachel J. Ellsworth, MD
Stephanie Hurn Elmore, MD
Reuben J. Elovitz, MD
George William English, MD
Mark A. Esche, MD
Diana Escobedo, MD
Susan M. Escudier, MD
Terry Fuller Eska, MD
Eisen J. Espina, MD
John Robert Esters, MD
Rebecca L. Euwer, MD
James David Evans, MD
Von L. Evans Jr., MD
Pippa M. Evans, MD
Thomas S. Falvey III, MD
Katherine K. Farady, MD
Douglas R. Farris, MD
Simon John Farrow, MD
Alan C. Farrow-Gillespie, MD
Jeffrey A. Faulkner, MD
Harry L. Faust Jr., DO
Michael L. Fawcett, MD
Robert Scott Feferman, MD
Jeffrey Alexander Feinstein, MD
Laura S. Fernandes, MD
Edwin L. Ferren, MD
Ivan Figueroa, MD
Laura Scheall Finger, MD
Michael G. Fisher, MD
Joslyn W. Fisher, MD
Berry A. Fleming, MD
Mindee Suzann Flippin, MD
John G. Flores, MD
Luisa F. Florez, MD
Linda W. Flower, MD
Gary W. Floyd, MD
Orlando Fonseca, MD
Ricky Joe Ford, MD
Michael Carter Ford, MD
Steve V. Fordan, MD
Robert Armour Forse, MD, PhD
Dewitt C. Fortenberry, MD
Troy D. Foster, DO
Gina M. Fowler, DO
O. Martin Franklin, DO
John J. Fraser Jr., MD
Sandra G. Frasser, MD
Dr. Mark and Rachel Fredrickson
Lyle Freedman, MD
Tandy Rice Freeman III, MD
Donald Carl Freitag, MD
Peter Alan Frenkel, MD
Sabrina D.T. Frierson, MD
Liam M. Fry, MD
Eugene H S Fung, MD
Joseph S. Galati, MD
David G. Galvan, MD
Anthony O. Gambrah-Sampaney, MD
Surekha R. Gangasani, MD
Subroto Gangopadhyay, MD
Alfredo Garcia, MD
Enrique Tomas Garcia, MD
Bogar M. Garcia, MD
Felipe J. Garcia Jr., MD
Claudia Patricia Garcia, MD
Mrs. Barbara Garcia
Mrs. Rebecca S. Garcia
Carlos Jose Garcia, MD
Jack David Gardner, MD
Juan L. Garza, MD
Joseph C. Gathe Jr., MD
Simon A. Gebara, MD
Alvin Ray Gebert, MD
Sandra Burkhead Gee, MD
Albert Lee Gest, DO
Lorraine Agnes Ghidoni, MD
Mark Eric Gibbs, MD
Caitlin M. Giesler, MD
Craig Allen Gill, MD
Sergio A. Giralt, MD
Christopher J. Glenn, MD
Jonathan Michael Glick, MD
David F. Gloyna, MD
David Michael Godat, MD
Robert Burnside Goff, MD
Raka C. Gohel, MD
Sreeram Gonnalagadda, MD
Esteban A. Gonzalez, MD
Vanessa C. Gonzalez, MD
Stevan A. Gonzalez, MD
Jose E. Gonzalez, MD
Julian J. Gonzalez, MD
Lauren Alexandra Goolsbay, DO
Henry Gor, MD
Ty Lee Gore, MD
Andrew R. Gottesman, MD
K. Lance Gould, MD
Michael Daniel Grant, MD
Ms. Jacquelyn Graulty
Wayne D. Green, MD
Dr. T. David and Mrs. Lea Ann Greer
William C. Griffin, DO
Ronald Eugene Grimwood, MD
Rodrigo C. Guanlao Jr., MD
Dr. and Mrs. Fernando and Beverly Guerra
Dr. and Mrs. Martin G. Guerrero
Paul Stephen Gulbas, MD
Christopher O. Gulley, MD, JD
Yamuna Gurrapu, MD
Carlos Abraham Gutierrez, MD
John F. Gwin, MD
Eric M. Haas, MD
Peter S. Haddad, MD
Alison J. Haddock, MD
Robert Miller Hagood, MD
Ashley Goodnight Hall, MD
Jackson D. Hamilton Jr., MD
Sean Michael Hamilton, MD
Mahmoud Hammo-Barazi, MD
Derek Y. Han, MD
Clifton William Hancock, MD
Paul B. Handel, MD
Christopher J. Hanssen, MD
Gary Randall Hardee, MD
Kianne Hardee, MD
Kathleen Weindorff Harris, MD
Annette O. Harris, MD
James M. Harris, MD
Karen Powell Harrison, MD
Michele A. Hauser, MD
Richard J. Hausner, MD
William Brendan Hayes, MD
Ramsey R. Hazboun, MD
Daniel A. Heimbecker, MD
Robert M. Hein, MD
Beverly Louise Held, MD
Michael E. Hellemn, MD
Jason Hemmerich, MD
Allison Halley Henderson, MD
John Cudney Hendricks, MD
Joseph Maxwell Hendrix, MD
Aamr Arif Herekar, MD
Bruce F. Hermann, MD
Lauren A. Hermann, DO
Ryan Walter Hick, MD
Damon H. Hill, MD
John O. Hilmi, MD
Dr. and Mrs. William Hinchey
Michael G. Hindman, MD
Ralu Hinojos, MD
Mr. David Hinson
Brenda K. Hinton, MD
Suzanne M. Hite, MD
Joe D. Hnatek, MD
Denis K. Hoasjoe, MD
Matthew James Hogan, MD
Michael R. Hohnadel, DO
Pamela D. Holder, MD
Robert Fred Holder, MD
Lisa R. Holloway, DO
Gaylyn June Holstein, MD
Olayinka Omowunmi Holt, MD
Michael Charles Holub, MD
Kevin Sarsfield Hopkins, MD
Diana M. Horton, MD
Michael W. Houck, DO
Sherard T. Houston, MD
Kris Lynn Howard, MD
Gwendolyn Hubbell, MD
Eric H. Hubli, MD
Thomas Carl Hubmer, DO
Robert Donald Hudson, MD
Mrs. Mary Grace Hume
Heather N. C. Hummel, MD
Brian Francis Humphreys, MD
Keely and Jerry Hunsaker
Michael Steven Hunte, MD
Stephen C. Hurlbut, MD
George William Hurst, MD
Dr. Rex and Mrs. Patricia Hyer
Donald C. Ingle, MD
Peter J. Irwin, MD
Christopher G. Irwin, MD
Mark Anthony Jabor, MD
Katherine N. Jacob, MD
Aris Nichols Jacob, MD
Roy George Jacob, MD
Leah Hanselka Jacobson, MD
Tracy F. Jakob, MD
Kimberly D. James, MD
Monica Patricia Jauregui, MD
Krystal L. Jerry, MD
Gary Kimble Jett, MD
Mr. James Jimenez
Medhavi Jogi, MD
Susan D. John, MD
Fredric D. Johnson, MD
Jeff L. Johnson, MD
Thomas G. Johnson, MD
Dr. Donald and Mrs. Doris A. Johnson
Gerard Scot Johnson-Gonzalez, MD
Branislav Jokic, MD
Michael Churchill Jones, MD
Carl R. Jones, DO
Audrey Lee Jones, DO
Dr. and Mrs. Jason Jones
Soni Jose, MD
Cherrie L. Jose, MD
Meghna Joshi, MD
Barry Lynn Justice, MD
Nelson Rafael Kalaf, MD
Teresa D. Kaldis, MD
Darshan K. Kapadia, MD
Allan Kapilivsky, MD
Shalini Katikaneni, MD
Konya K. Keeling-Johnson, MD
Stephen Michael Kelly, MD
Shane W. Kennedy, MD
Jacqueline M. Kerr, MD
Diana Rose Kerwin, MD
Kamal G. Khalil, MD
Muhammad B. Khan, MD
Farhan Anwar Khan, MD
Rizwan H. Khan, DO
Roger Sunil Khetan, MD
Richard Corvera Khu, MD
Munawwer Khurshid, MD
Christi Ann Kidd, MD
Charles Henry Kilpatrick, MD
David J. Kim, MD
Joanne Y. Kim, MD
Thomas Duke Kimbrough, MD
Craig Kent King, MD
Kerry A. Kirkman, MD
Bart D. Klaus, MD
Kevin Wayne Klein, MD
Mark R. Klein, DO
Victor C. Knopp Jr., MD
Lynne M. Knowles, MD
Leah Anna Kolar, MD
Roshni Lani Koli, MD
Karanjit Singh Kooner, MD
Scott Paul Krall, MD
Rohitha Kramadhati, MD
Jeffrey S. Krantz, DO
Michelle B. Kravitz, MD
Siegfried Richard Kreis, MD
Peter Kennedy Krone, MD
John Claude Krusz, MD, PhD
Iresh Kumar, MD
Kartik S. Kumar, MD
Prashant Kumar, MD
Ganesh S. Kumpati, MD
Raycho G. Kurkchijski, MD
Vijay S. Kusnoor, MD
Cynthia Kwong, MD
Roger W. Kylberg, MD
Eugene C. Lai, MD
Dr. Terry and Karen Lairmore
David L. Lakey, MD
Samuel N. Landero, MD
Ms. Suzy Lanier
Craig B. Lankford, MD
Richard Reardon Laue, MD
Kerry A. Laursen, MD
Amarnath Laxminarayan, MD
Jason Marc Lebwohl, MD
Andrew M. Lee, MD
Chad M. Lemaire, MD
Peter D. Leonard, MD
Samuel Edgar Lewis, MD
Chad E. Lewis, MD
Lisa Ehl Lewis, MD
Maybelline Virginia Lezama, MD
Valerie Laurel Liao, MD
Jennifer G. Liedtke, MD
Ted T. Lin, MD
Enrique Wilder Linan, MD
Michael Yoting Liu, MD
Charles Auborn Lively, MD
Erwin Lo, MD
Asa C. Lockhart, MD
Jose Abraham Lopez, MD
Roberto Mauro Lopez, MD
Stephen R. Lowry, MD
Glynda Williams Lucas, MD
Gregg H. Lucksinger, MD
Alison W. Lunardon, MD
Bethany Lussier, MD
Cynthia Anne Mace-Motta, DO
Felicity L. Mack, MD
Juliette M. Madrigal-Dersch, MD
Saint O. Magbegor, MD
Michael James Majors, MD
Yasmin S. Maldonado, MD
Alnoor A. Malick, MD
Charles Miles Maliska, MD
Juan J. Mancillas, MD
Manpreet Mangat, MD
Rex Leland Mann, MD
Martha I. Manquero-Butler, MD
Michelle C. Marcincuk, MD
Javier D. Margo Jr., MD
Michael Lynn Maris, MD
Ferenc Markos, MD
Otto J. Marquez-Kerguelen, MD
William Stevens Marsh III, DO
Kimberly S. Marshall, MD
Raymond A. Martin, MD
Andrew James Martin, MD
David J. Martincheck, MD
Mr. Joey Martinez
Oscar D. Martinez, MD
Gulnara Rishatovna Martorella, MD
Anita Mathew, MD
Elizabeth Cotton Matsui, MD
Joey David Mayor, MD
Rachel McAndrew, MD
Alan James McBride, MD
Kenneth Wade McBride, MD
William G. B. McCallum, MD
Terence Joseph McCarthy, MD
Gary Charles McCord, MD
W. Joseph McCreight, MD
John E. McDonald, MD
John Carl McDonald, DO
Victoria E. McGrath, DO
Tamara L. McGregor, MD
Bradley D. McIver, MD
Mrs. Bridget McKeever
Heidi L. McKellar, MD
Brian John Mckinnon, MD
Lisa Holloway McLane, DO
Hsiang Chi Cathy McLaughlin, MD
Michael Roy McLean, MD
Crystal C. Mcleod, DO
Scott D. McMenemy, MD
Sacheen H. Mehta, MD
Calvin E. Mein, MD
Anthony S. Melillo, MD
Ralph G. Menard, MD
Melissa Dawn Mendez, MD
Gwendoline N. Menga, DO
Camille Merhi, MD
Wesley J. Merritt, MD
Shirley G. Merritt, MD
Austin L. Metting, MD
Ms. Kelly Michaels
Jeffrey B. Michel, MD
Robert Mignacca, MD
J. Ryan Mikus, MD
Mrs. Nola Miley
Mark W. Millard, MD
Wilfred Dean Miller, DO
Sarah Miller, MD
Ronna G. Miller, MD
Austin C. Miller, MD
Barry J. Mills, MD, PHD
John Dorrance Minna, MD
Gladys Irene Minor, MD
Gregory Robert Misenhimer, MD
Teddy L. Mitchell, MD
Suzelle Moffitt, MD
Amal O. Mohammad, MD
Binusha Moitheennazima, MD
Christian Lee Moncrief, MD
Cristina Montalvo, MD
Ricardo A. Montemayor, MD
Joseph A. Montes, MD
Joseph S. Montgomery III, MD
Miguel Morales, MD
Carlos Eduardo Morales, MD
Cynthia Hartmann Moran, MD
Susan C. Moreno, DO
Peter B. Morgan, MD
Mickey Dean Morgan, MD
Milinda Miers Morris, MD
David L. Morris, MD
Robert B. Morrow, MD
Patricia Teresa Mossburg, MD
Vijaya Lakshmi-Devi Mummadi, MD
Stephanie B. Mundy, MD
Maria De Jesus Munoz, MD
Eid B. Mustafa, MD
Jyotsna Muttineni, MD
Sylvia I. Muzquiz-Drummond, MD
Douglas P. Myers, MD
Adam W. Myers, MD
Cesar Nahas, MD
Sanjeev Unnikrishnan Nair, MD
Raul Abel Najera, MD
Pallavi Nandeeshwar, MD
Julia Nathan, MD
Christopher R. Naumann, MD
Dr. Thomas Neal and Nancy
Celia B. Neavel, MD
Stephen R. Neece, MD
Linda R. Neely-Shelmire, MD
Leslie Wilmot Nelson, MD
Stephen W. Nesbit, DO
Stephen Ralph Neumann, MD
Sheila Grace Newsom, MD
Thomas R. Newton, MD
Minh Van Nguyen, MD
Tuan H. Nguyen, MD
Trang H. Nguyen, MD
Charles M. Nguyen, MD
Hanh-Dieu Thi Nguyen, MD
John T. Nguyen, MD
Robert H. Nichols, DO
Mathews Ninan, MD
Michael A. Norman, MD
Paul C. Nowak, MD
Dinorah J. Nutis, MD
Fiemu Ejiogu Nwariaku, MD
Maria Joslyn Oakes, MD
John W. Obbink Jr., MD
Michael Francis O’Brien, MD*
Stephanie Denise O'Donnell, MD
H Michael Ogburn, MD
Edward Timothy O'Kelley, MD
Stephen Blair O'Neil, MD
Carlos H. Orces, MD
Rolando Panal Oro, MD
Julio C. O'Ryan, MD
Randy Osborn, DO
Armando Osio, MD
Debra Osterman, MD
Michael Oubre, MD
Steven J. Overturf, MD
Vidya Pai, MD
Nathan Allen Pailes, MD
Melva Palacios, MD
Neelima Paladugu, MD
Srinivas R. Panja, MD
Victoria Anaite Parada, MD
Dakshesh-Kumar Parikh, MD
Mary L. Parish, DO
D Michael Park, MD
Linda I. Parker, MD
James Robert Parkey, IV, MD
William Barto Parks, MD
Frank Stephen Parma, MD
Michelle H. Parmley, MD
Ms. Frankie K. Parson
John Alexander Partin, MD
Vinodkumar T. Patel, MD
Nehal V. Patel, MD
Tanay M. Patel, MD
Satin Suryakant Patel, MD
Anilkumar Chimanlal Patel, MD
Prabhugouda B. Patil, MD
Patrice Annette Patterson, MD
Jennifer Gabrielle Patterson, MD
Peggy Jo Pazzaglia, MD
Joseph Leslie Pean, MD
Harold J. Pean, MD
David Earl Pearce, MD
Elizabeth Kimberli Peck, MD
Kumara S. Peddamatham, MD
Prasad K. Peddu, MD
Steven D. Pedro, MD
Samuel B. Pegram, MD
Maxim Pekarev, MD
Larry H. Penick, MD
Rafael Jose Perez, MD
Colbert R. Perez, MD
Ray Perez, MD
Raymond C. Perkins II, MD
Kenneth A. Perret II, MD
Tony A. Pham, MD
Charles G. Phan, MD
William Ralph Phillips, MD
Michal M. Phillips, MD
Lara M. Pierce, MD
Jessica L. Pierce, MD
Thomas E. Piwonka, MD
Anne Chandler Pluenneke, MD
Leslie G. Poer, MD
Vijaya R. Pokala, MD
Paul H. Pompa, MD
Stephen J. Pont, MD
Julie Diane Poole, MD
Rajan Upendra Popat, MD
Bharat Pothuri, MD
Ms. Robyn Poulson
William Elmo Prater Jr., MD
Barry Barton Prestridge, MD
Mark A. Price, MD
David Thomas Price, MD
Clarence H. Prihoda Jr., MD
Theresa J. Pugh, MD
Arshad A. Quddoos, MD
Violeta Radenovich, MD
Valen R. Radimecky, MD
Jane Ragland, MD
Kuppusamy Ragupathi, MD
Geeta Rajan, MD
Awilda I. Ramos, MD
Manuel De Jesus Ramos Ramirez, MD
Michael A E Ramsay, MD
Everett P. Ramsey III, MD
Brian D. Ranelle, DO
Ramu Rangineni, MD
Geetha T. Rao, MD
Aseema Raoshan, MD
Ms. J. Nell Raper
Mrs. Zoe Rascoe
Shahid Rashid, MD
William Davis Ratnoff, MD
Alak Ray, MD
Steven F. Reeder, MD
Raymond Randolph Reese, MD
Atta U. Rehman, MD
Rebecca A. Reyes, MD
Joel S. Rhoton, MD
William H. Rice, MD
Jeffrey S. Richards, MD
H. Miller Richert, MD
Richard Randolph Riggins, MD
Stephen J. Ringel, MD
Mihaela Ringheanu, MD
David Owen Risinger, MD
Maria T. Rivero, MD
Coby Robins, MD
Roger R. Robinson, MD
Harold Lynn Rodgers Jr., MD
Mark Lee Rodkey, MD
Charles John Rodman, MD
Jose Antonio Rodriguez, MD
Porfirio Sergio Rodriguez, MD
Vivian O. Rodriguez-Gonzalez, MD
Jeremy C. Roebuck, MD
Donza J. Rogers, MD
Fred W. Rohm, DO
Joseph H. Roosth, MD
Carlos Rosas, MD
R. Steve Rosenbaum, MD
Mr. Robert D. Rosenfeld
Gregory Lane Roslund, MD
Jeremy A. Ross, MD
Juan C. Rozo, MD
Elba I. Rubianes, MD
Howard S. Rubin, MD
Bradley Clinton Rue, MD
Calixto J. Ruibal, MD
Bruce Lynn Russell, MD
Thomas Jeffrey Russell, MD
William M. Rutledge Jr., MD
Constantine Khalil Saadeh, MD
Monica L. Saenz, MD
Mariam Saleem, MD
Amer Salhadar, MD
Andrew Sambell, MD
Asha K. Samuel, MD
Jose Eduardo San Martin, MD
Homero R. Sanchez, MD
Hugo Banda Sanchez, MD, PhD
Ninza A. Sanchez, MD
Hans M. Sander, MD
Michael D. Sander, MD
Barry Sanders, MD
Mrs. Shirley Sanders
Jose Toribio Sandoval, MD
Latifa L. Sanhaji, MD
Sudheer K. Sankar, MD
George D. Santos, MD
R. Eric Santos, MD
Mauricio A. Sardan, MD
Dianne Waddell Sawyer, MD
James Watson Sawyer, MD
Maxwell C. Scarlett, MD
Michael Ray Schlabach, MD
Aurelia M. Schmalstieg, MD
Linda A. Schmalstieg, MD
Heidi E. Schneider, MD
Reva E. Schneider, MD
Heidi A. Schultz, MD
Mercedes Schultz, MD
Philip Alan Scolaro, MD
Brian Scott, MD
Lane Sebring, MD
Michael P. Seeley, MD
Drs. Sommai and Gerogina Sehapayak
Angela D. Self, MD
Thomas Carl Selvaggi, MD
Andrew Joseph Senchak, DO
Dan Sepdham, MD
Aime D. Serna, MD
Kaitlin L. Severson, MD
Richard W. Shamblin, MD
Christopher L. Shanklin, MD
Gary Edward Shanks, MD
Shivaramaiah Shashikumar, MD
Milton Don Shaw, MD
Heather P. Shelton, MD
David M. Shephard, MD
Cynthia Sherry, MD
Samar S. Sheth, MD
Gary W. Shimotsu, MD
Anupama A. Shultz, MD
Stylianos Sideris, MD
Jasvinder S. Sidhu, MD
Priscilla E. Sierk, DO
Herschl B. Silberman, MD
Jaime Luis Silva, MD
Terry L. Simon, MD
J. Scott Simpson, MD
Indra Veer Singh, MD
Rajpreet K. Singh, DO
Derek I. Skinner, MD
Charles T. Slack, MD
Evelyn J. Smiley, MD
Sharon A. Smith, MD
Hobert Lee Smith, MD
Jesse E. Smith, MD
Kareen J. Smith, MD
Ms. Terri S. Smith
Harold L. Smitson II, MD
Jeremy Ray Smola, DO
Barbara A. Smythe, MD
Michael J. Snyder, MD
Ann Hayat Snyder, MD
Mr. Ino Sofjan
Marie T. Sohner, MD
Sameta Fairchild Sosa, MD
Robert James Spicer, MD
Alana R. Spiwak, MD
Scott E. Sprabery, MD
David Robert Sprouse, MD
Ramano Alvarez Sprueil, MD
Mrs. Marlene Stafford
Lisa Stark Walsh
Michael W. Stavinoha, MD
Matthew Kirk Steehler, MD
Michael William Steines, MD
Randall A. Stenoien, MD
Charles Herbert Stern, MD
Karen Joyce Stewart, MD
Ronald A. Stewart, DO
Angelene M. Stewart, DO
Robert William Stewart, MD
Kathleen Dooley Stokes, MD
Ernest L. Stone, MD
Wilbur J. Strader III, MD
Grace Lea Stringfellow, MD
Michelle L. Strong, MD
Kyle D. Stuart, MD
Richard A. Stuntz, MD
Angela K. Sturm, MD
Rassull R. Suarez, MD
Robert Weiss Sugerman, MD
Salim Ramzan Ali Surani, MD
Lisa L. Swanson, MD
Lauren F. Swartz, MD
Erica L. Swicegood, MD
Arthur Jack Szczerba, MD
Lawrence C. Tafoya, MD
Praveena K. Tallapureddy, MD
Yong Tang, MD
Shabrez Tariq, MD
Tom Allen Tarkenton, DO
Cynthia P. Tarver, MD
Benarji Tegala, MD
Jason V. Terk, MD
James R. Terry, MD
Ryan T. Thai, MD
Anita Tharian, DO
Daniele D. Thomas, MD
Suchmor Thomas, MD
Gregory W. Thompson, MD
James C. Thompson, MD
Mark L. Thornton, MD
Anil Kumar Tibrewal, MD
John Michael Tieman, MD
Charles Franklin Timmons, MD
Roger W. Timperlake, MD
Leslie E. Tingle, MD
Jason Christopher Tinley, MD
Kathy A. Toler, MD
Douglas G. Toler, MD
Janice K. Tomberlin, MD
William H. Torkildsen, MD
Michelle Torres, MD
Elizabeth Torres, MD
Dwight Mark Toups, MD
Kien Trung Tran, MD
James T. Tran, MD
Elliot J. Trester, MD
Jose De Jesus Trevino, MD
Todd Timothy Trier, MD
Thomas Troutt, MD
John Parks Trowbridge, MD
Robert L. True, MD, FACOG, FACS*
Thao Minh Truong, MD
Mark Oliver Tucker, MD
Lawrence V. Tucker, MD
John R. Tully, MD
Pratap Reddy Tummala, MD
Hari Tumu, MD
Elizabeth B. Turnage, MD
Edward Wilmar Tuthill, MD
Leo Costello Tynan III, MD
Darlington Chibuike Udeh Sr., MD
Preston M. Ukoli, MD
Fernando Uliana Kay, MD
Luis Hernando Urrea II, MD
Hector Urrutia, MD
Obinna Uzodinma, MD
Joseph S. Valenti, MD
Vincent Leonard Van Acht, MD
George Van Buren, MD
Ronald Van Buskirk, MD
Amy E. Van Dorfy, MD
Russell C. Vanbiber III, MD
Ms. Amy O. Vanecek
Dr. Ken and Elizabeth Vanexan
Louis E. Varela, MD
Arturo L. Vargas, MD
David B. Vaughan, MD
Gabriela Ivonne Vazquez-Santos, MD
Gretchen M. Velasco, MD
Gerard Joseph Ventura, MD
Aaron Montgomery Vickers, MD
Donna S. Villacis, MD
Santiago Villarreal, MD
Joseph Francis Vinas, MD
Baominh P. Vinh, MD
Duc Phu Vo, MD
Victoria Mae Voge, MD
Hujefa Y. Vora, MD
Ojas Harihar Vyas, MD
Mitchell Steven Wachtel, MD
Byron Richard Wadley, MD
Manisha V. Wagle, MD
James Stefan Walker, MD
Gary David Walker, MD
J. Patrick Walker, MD
Andrew Scott Walker, MD
Dawncherrie Pickett Walker, MD
Thomas Allen Waller, MD
Mrs. Patricia A. Wallis
Michael James Walls, MD
Ellen D Brown Walthall, MD
Jeremy C. Wang, MD
Chonghua Wang, MD
David M. Washington, MD
Mr. Glen Watson
Cynthia Glenn Webb, MD
Ralph E. Wehmer Jr., MD
Mark Berton Weinstein, MD
Gary Lewis Weinstein, MD
Patrick Michael Weix, MD
James Barrett Welsh, MD
Thomas Alonzo West, MD
Robert McKinney Wheeler, MD
Edward John Wheeler, MD
Norman M. Whisenant Jr., DO
Douglas Eugene Whitley, MD
Keith Arnold Wied, DO
Jeanne Lynn Wiegand, MD
Pamela M M Wieland, MD
Thomas C. Wiener, MD
Moses Edward Wilcox Sr., MD
Olusegun Wilde, MD
Tyler C. Wildey, MD, DDS
David Michael Wilhelm, MD
George Willeford III, MD
Lucia Leigh Williams, MD,MPH
Patrick D. Williams, MD
Dwayne O. Williams, MD
Louis John Wilson, MD
Selma P. Wilson, MD
Diana E. Wilson, MD
Cornelius A. Wilson, MD
Gregory Stephan Wilson, MD
Naomi Joan Winick, MD
Owen E. Winsett, MD
Joe J. Wolcott, MD
Elleni Woldesenbet, MD
Steven E. Wolf, MD
Amanda Jo Wolthoff, MD
Amy L. Woodruff, MD
Natalie A. Wright, MD
Fiona Lesley Wright, MD
Horace Chia-Shun Wu, MD
Drew H. Wyrick, MD
Joseph R. Xavier, MD
John S. Yatsu, MD
Rebecca F. Yorke, MD
Feras Zabad, MD
Saboohi Zafar, MD
Yasser Fahmy Zeid, MD
David E. Zepeda, MD
Daniel W. Ziegler, MD
Pierre Zoldhelyi, MD
Julius Zsohar, MD
Mr. Julius Zsohar Jr.
V. Franz Zurita, MD




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January 30, 2021

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January 30, 2021