Anson Jones Awards: How to Enter

Please submit an online entry form  for each award entry. If a team contributed to an entry, please list all contributors. If you need to submit electronic documents not available online, send to TMA by email.

Select the award category that best fits your entry. Note: A story can be entered in one category and also be part of a body of work submitted for the Texas Health Journalist of the Year Award.

1. Short Print/Online Breaking News. News articles of less than 2,000 words in print or online publications.

2. Long Print/Online Breaking News or Features. Articles of more than 2,000 words in print publications or online publications.

3. In-Depth Project Print/Online News. A single, in-depth article or multipart series of articles in print or online publications that involve extensive research and time to develop.

4. Short Radio News. Brief news stories produced by any Texas radio station with a duration of 2:30 (two minutes, 30 seconds) or less.

5. Long Radio News. News stories produced by any Texas radio station with a duration of 2:30 to 10:00 (two minutes, 30 seconds to 10 minutes) in length.

6. In-Depth Radio News. Single or multipart news reports that exceed 10:00 (10 minutes) in duration, including news podcasts or broadcasts with a panel of expert guests. Call-in broadcasts are ineligible.

7. Large-Market Television News. News stories produced by television stations in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, or Austin, with a duration of 4:00 (four minutes) or less. 

8. Small-Market Television News. News stories produced by television stations in all other Texas markets, with a duration of 4:00 (four minutes) or less.

9. In-Depth Television News. Longer-format television news stories or multipart series from all Texas markets that exceed 4:00 (four minutes) in duration.

10. Texas Health Journalist of the Year. Recognition for a well-rounded and notable body of work produced in a single year by a print, broadcast, or online journalist. The work could consist of articles/reports on a specific topic, such as COVID-19, Medicaid coverage, or insurance reform, or on a variety of topics about medicine or health care. Send up to four work samples to represent your work. Put all submissions under a single URL, such as one YouTube link, or put all URLs on a single entry form.


Who Can Enter? 
Any general-interest print, broadcast, or online news journalist working for a media outlet based in Texas. Entries from trade, medical professional, or other nonmedia outlets are ineligible. Stories must be intended primarily for a Texas audience.

What Can You Enter? 
Any general news piece aimed at the public (no public service announcements, promotional spots, nonmedia blogs, or marketing pieces) that first appeared or aired in a Texas media-based outlet during 2021.

Other Contest Information  

  1. TMA must receive your entry(ies) no later than Jan. 10, 2022. Submit an online entry form for each entry. Additional documents can be submitted to TMA by email.
  2. Material must be first published or broadcast between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, 2021. 
  3. Journalists may submit up to two total award entries in categories one through nine, plus a Texas Health Journalist of the Year entry. 
  4. Entries may be the work of an individual or the collective effort of several staff members at a publication or station. 
  5. Entrants may submit a news story both as an individual entry and as part of the body of work for the Texas Health Journalist of the Year category.
  6. TMA and its judges reserve the right to disqualify any entry not meeting eligibility requirements.
  7. TMA and its judges reserve the right to move an entry to a more suitable category.
  8. When sending URLs for print entries, please ensure links will stay active through February 2022. If judges cannot access an entry, it will be disqualified. If print entries can be accessed only behind a paywall, please provide a PDF of your entry(ies).
  9. For broadcast and other entries that contain video footage, Please post the entry on YouTube or Vimeo with no advertising. If that is not possible, a URL is required. 
  10. Texas Health Journalist of the Year entrants: List all URLs on one entry form or combine all stories under one URL, or for video, put them on YouTube or Vimeo.
  11. TMA charges no fee to enter. 

Entries are judged on accuracy, significance, quality, public interest, and impact as explained below.

Accuracy: “Accurate” can apply to medical or factual accuracy, or balanced reporting. Are the facts as presented truthful/verifiable? If a story is controversial, is it balanced? Is the information presented in line with evidence-based medicine?

Significance: Is the information important for people to know? Is there a consequence to not knowing this information? Might it (or did it) stimulate discussion on a vital aspect of health or alert people to an urgent/emergent health issue, risk, or illness?

Quality: Is the entry well written and well researched? Does it contain good sound or visuals (if applicable)? Does the story contain multiple sources/experts/interviews? Does the entry include good storytelling and examples of people affected?

Public interest: Is the topic intriguing? Does the subject matter affect a broad audience, or just a few people? Is this something readers/viewers/listeners might care about? Is the information conveyed “in the public interest”?

Impact: Did the story motivate individuals, government agencies, or lawmakers to take action (or could it)? Might this (or did it) positively influence health care for a significant population, or shed light on underserved patient needs or an issue that negatively affects patients?

Judges may name one winner per category and honorable mentions, if warranted.

The Texas Health Journalist of the Year and all other winners (individual or group) receive a monetary prize. Plaques or certificates also are presented to winners and honorable mentions.

Judges are Texas Medical Association physicians and other members of TMA’s Council on Health Promotion, and respected journalists from the news publishing and broadcast fields. Final winners are determined by the TMA Council on Health Promotion.

Winning media outlets will be notified in the spring.

For more information, contact Tammy Wishard at (512) 370-1470 or

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January 10, 2022

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November 13, 2012

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