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  • Overdoses Still Climb Despite Big Drop in Prescription Opioids

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    The number of opioid prescriptions has dropped 44% since 2011, yet there are still more drug-related overdose deaths than ever – a clear sign policymakers should work to remove barriers to care for patients, according to the American Medical Association’s 2021 Overdose Epidemic Report.

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  • Opioid Settlement Could Help Texas Tackle Addiction

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    Texas could receive as much as $1.5 billion under a multistate settlement over the national opioid epidemic, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has announced.

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  • Pharmacy-Mandated Obstacles to Filling Opioid Scrips

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    The roadblocks for prescribing pain medicine are still there. Even after the state introduced a safeguard to help physicians spot illicit prescription use and doctor-shopping, barriers remain.

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  • TMB Clarifies New 10-Day Limit on Opioids

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    The Texas Medical Board is trying to head off confusion about the state’s new 10-day opioid prescribing limit for acute pain, which takes effect on Sunday. TMB’s statement, released Friday, appears to address concerns that the new law means acute pain patients must be completely cut off from opioids beyond the 10-day mark. That’s not the case, according to the statement.

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  • Legislative Wins on Opioids and Pharmacy: PMP Extension Granted

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    When it came to opioids and pharmacy matters, some of the major pieces of medicine’s 2019 agenda came down to something everyone wishes they had more of: time.

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  • Evidence-Based Practices for Substance Use Disorder

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    Substance use disorders (SUD) are serious, chronic medical conditions that are manageable with the proper medical treatment and social support.

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  • Your Video Guide to Texas' New Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

    In an effort to address the very real and debilitating crisis caused by the misuse of pain medicines, the Texas Legislature has passed legislation to mandate that all prescribers and pharmacists check the state's Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) before prescribing or dispensing certain medications.

    NOTE: The mandate is effective Sept. 1, 2019, for prescribers and pharmacists. It applies to opioids, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, and carisoprodol (Soma), not to all controlled substances.

    To help physicians set up accounts and use the new PDMP website Allison Benz, executive director of the Texas Pharmacy Board. demonstrates the new site in this brief, informative TMA-produced video. This five-minute video shows physicians how to set up, use and navigate the site.



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