• Amarillo Physician Named Top TMA Foundation Champion of Health

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    The Texas Medical Association Foundation (TMAF) presented its top 2018 John P. McGovern Champion of Health Award to Alan Keister, MD, founder of Heal the City Free Clinic (HTC), an urgent care facility in Amarillo. TMAF presented the award at 2018 TMA Winter Conference in Austin on Saturday. The award is TMAF’s highest honor, and it recognizes exceptional projects that address urgent public health threats and furthers TMAF’s mission to help physicians create a healthier future for all Texans.

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  • Texas Physicians Inject Billions Into Lone Star State’s Economy

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    Physicians add opportunity, growth, and prosperity to the Texas economy by creating 670,172 jobs and generating $117.9 billion in state economic activity, according to a new report, The Economic Impact of Physicians in Texas, released today by the Texas Medical Association (TMA) and the American Medical Association (AMA).

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  • TMA Hits $1 Million Milestone to Aid Harvey-Damaged Medical Practices

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    The TMA Disaster Relief Program, set up to aid Texas physicians’ practices damaged by Hurricane Harvey, has reached the $1 million mark. A gift of $5,000 from the Michigan State Medical Society Foundation to the Texas Medical Association Foundation (TMAF) Disaster Relief Campaign, tipped the total raised to over $1 million, fulfilling the campaign goal.

    Supporting Texas Physicians  
  • Texas Physicians Strive to Recover From Hurricane Harvey 

    Restoring medical services along the Texas Gulf Coast is going to take a long time in areas hit hard by Hurricane Harvey in late August, 2017. Across the region, physicians and medical personnel are reaching out to patients in need of medical care, while trying to rebuild clinics and hospitals that serve thousands of people. TMA takes you inside the recovery effort in Aransas Pass, where the physicians and staff at the Care Regional Medical Center are doing everything they can to restore hope and health care to their community. The scene is typical among the federally designated disaster counties, as 65 percent of physicians in those areas report they had to close their medical practice at least temporarily due to the massive storm.

  • Financial Assistance Available to Rebuild Practices Damaged by Harvey

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    Thanks to the generosity of physicians and organizations throughout Texas and the United States, physicians who are rebuilding their medical practice in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey can apply for financial assistance through TMA’s Disaster Relief Program.

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  • Relief Program Launched to Reopen Hurricane-Devastated Medical Practices

    When staff of a Houston-area children’s urgent care clinic saw security-camera images of brown, murky Hurricane Harvey floodwater submerging the waiting room, they knew it was bad. Quickly, the physicians and other clinic workers jumped into action. Soon they also consulted the Texas Medical Association (TMA) for help, and learned about the TMA Disaster Relief Program.

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  • Governor Signs TMB Sunset Bills

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    Statement by Carlos J. Cardenas, MD, president of  TMA, in reaction to the passage and signing into law of the TMB Sunset bills — Senate Bill 20 (which extends the life of TMB) and Senate Bill 60 (which funds the agency). 

    Texas Lawmakers and Governor Standing Up for Medicine and Patient Care  
  • New Insurance Laws Will Benefit Texas Patients 

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    Patients soon will have an easier time dealing with health insurance-related problems, thanks to new laws. Two bills backed by the Texas Medical Association (TMA) this legislative session — each of which passed and earned Gov. Greg Abbott’s signature into law — should give patients some relief from the headaches of surprise medical bills and unwarranted changes to their prescribed medication.

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  • New Law Shapes the Future of Telemedicine in Texas

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    Texas physicians and telehealth providers are now playing by the same rules to treat patients by phone, computer, and other new technologies — the same as when physicians see patients face-to-face in a traditional doctor’s office visit. Senate Bill 1107, passed this session by the Texas Legislature and signed into law by Gov. Greg Abbott in late May, clarifies the framework to evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients remotely via telecommunication technology.

    Patients Will Have Greater Access to Physicians  
  • TMA Statement Regarding Maintenance of Certification Bill

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    Statements by Carlos J. Cardenas, MD, president of the Texas Medical Association (TMA), and Ray Callas, MD, a member of TMA’s Board of Trustees, in reaction to Gov. Greg Abbott having signed Senate Bill 1148 into law on Thursday. SB 1148 pertains to maintenance of certification requirements for physicians.

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  • Newsroom Articles

    TMA Seeks New Standards for Health Insurance Sold Across State Lines    

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    TMA is pushing for national consensus on standards to protect consumers who purchase health insurance across state lines. While a push continues to permit sale of insurance across state lines, little consensus exists among state legislatures and insurance departments on how to regulate in-state insurance companies and monitor how they treat their customers.

    TMA Recommendations
  • HPV Vaccination Prevents Cancers in Men, Too

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    Men: A shot that prevents cancers — the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination — is for you, too, though not nearly enough males are getting it. Sadly, physicians say, vaccination rates in males are extremely low, and doctors are seeing more cancers in men caused by HPV.

    Texas Physicians Urge Men to Get Vaccinated Against HPV  
  • Surprise Medical Bills – Causes and Solutions

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    It’s a significant issue: Despite having health insurance, some Texans receive medical bills they did not anticipate, because their insurance might not cover all of their care or provide as much benefit as they expected, or the patient might have received care out of his or her health plan’s network. Physicians empathize with patients about these surprise medical bills and recognize this is a problem, so TMA convened a Special Task Force on Balance Billing to study the causes and prescribe a plan to stop surprise bills, and help patients. 

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  • TMA Survey Finds Most Physicians Use Electronic Records

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    A newly released Texas Medical Association (TMA) survey of the state’s physicians shows nearly three-quarters of them are using an electronic health record (EHR) to capture your health information.

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