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    Texas Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) Requirements: Who, What, When, and How

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    In the fight against prescription fraud and abuse as well as improved and better informed prescribing, Texas is enhancing the tech-side of the state’s Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP). Funding to upgrade the PMP to a more integrated product with visualization tools will allow you to check patient’s controlled substance prescription history, and assess abuse and overdose risk, much easier – for most with just a few clicks of a button.

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  • Boundaries: What You Need to Know

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    Overlapping professional-personal relationships can create ethical challenges for physicians; ethical dilemmas arise when the professional relationship is disrupted by words or actions of a patient or the physician. Healthy patient-physician boundaries are essential to medical practice. This course will provide concrete suggestions on maintaining appropriate professional boundaries and professionalism.
    1 AMA PRA Cat. 1 • 1 ETHICS

    How to Maintain Appropriate Professional Relationships
  • Disaster Planning Toolkit: Preparing for the Unexpected

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    Materials in this handbook provide guidance for many emergency situations commonplace in Texas. These guidelines can help the practice identify key emergencies, know what to do in an emergency situation, and plan for the safety of your team. The handbook provides tips on how to train your staff and help develop strategies for resuming functions after an emergency occurs.
    1.75 AMA PRA Cat. 1 • 1.75 ETHICS

    Prepare Your Staff and Your Office  
  • Aging Physicians: Practice Dilemmas

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    Studies have shown aging physicians' sense of "success" is interlaced with continuing practice; however, physicians have an ethical responsibility to recognize, respond, and report impairments in themselves and other physicians. This course reviews age-related conditions likely to cause impairment and steps for promoting, patient safety, evaluation and treatment of age-related impairments.
     1 AMA PRA Cat. 1 • 1 ETHICS

    Monitor Yourself and Others  
  • Monitoring Opioid Therapy for Chronic Pain

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    This brief manual will guide physicians in the office setting who are prescribing opioid pain relievers to their patients with chronic pain. It covers the use of drug testing in the office setting, how to talk to your patients about drug testing, contracting with your patient for appropriate drug use, and methods of testing.
    1.25 AMA PRA Cat. 1 • 1.25 ETHICS

    Screen in Your Office  
  • Hardwiring Happiness

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    What is happiness and why does it matter? Happiness is difficult to define but most people know it when they see or feel it. Regardless of the influences, individuals can take charge and learn strategies to cultivate happiness in their lives. Obtain the strategies and tools to help you hardwire happiness into your life.
     1 AMA PRA Cat. 1 • 1 ETHICS

    Choose Happiness Today  
  • Fraud and Abuse Prevention Simplified

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    Laws governing Medicare and Medicaid participation are complicated and confusing … while state and federal governments are doubling down on enforcement. This publication explains the laws and regulations related to Medicare and Medicaid fraud and abuse and how the government is enforcing them.
    AMA PRA Cat. 1 • 4 ETHICS

    Prepare to Implement a Compliance Plan
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  • Create a Winning Team

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    Recruiting the right people to work for you contributes directly to your practice’s growth and success. Unless you are in a large group though you probably do not have a person trained to recruit, onboard, retain, and even terminate employees so that you have the best staff for your practice.
    0.75 AMA PRA Cat. 1

    Get Professional Guidance Through This Webinar  
  • Performing Nutrition and Lifestyle Care With Type 2 Diabetes Patients

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    This course is designed to increase knowledge about nutrition and provide tools to help you counsel and educate your patients about the critical role that nutrition plays in type 2 diabetes prevention and management. The course provides research-based information to help physicians and health care providers manage patients with type 2 diabetes. 
    1 AMA PRA Cat. 1 • 1 ETHICS

    Embrace Your Role in Lifestyle Counseling  
  • Learn To Make HIV Screenings A Routine Part of Your Practice

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    In 2014, 54 percent of U.S. adults had never been tested for the disease, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, even though one preventive HIV screening is covered each year under the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid, Medicare, and many insurance plans. Make HIV testing a routine part of your practice.
    AMA PRA Cat. 1 • 1 ETHICS

    Get the Latest Screening Techniques  
  • Getting Your Practice on the First Page of Google

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    Most people never look beyond the first page of Google, so that’s where you need to be for potential patients to know you exist and how you can help them. Play this webinar, to learn from experts as they share strategies to get your practice on the first page. 
    AMA PRA Cat. 1

    Take Control of Your Online Presence  
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