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    MACRA and Medicare: Get Clarity and Direction!

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    Medicare’s future penalty and incentive programs under the MACRA Merit-Based Incentive Payment System differ substantially from current programs. Understand the impact of these changes before you decide if MACRA participation will be worth it for you, how to choose quality measures to report, and what the new composite scoring is all about by attending this seminar.

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  • Physician Resilience

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    Learn how to self-monitor for states of stress and burnout and implement mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques for your well-being and that of your patients. This workshop will teach appreciative inquiry 4D cycle techniques to utilize during self-appraisal. Attendees will learn resilience strategies for maintaining work-life balance.

    Bounce Back From the Pressures of Medicine  
  • Cyber Security and Ransomware: Protect Your Practice

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    With the risk of data breaches come potential HIPAA violations. While ransomware can disable your practice by encrypting your patient data, making it inaccessible until you pay a ransom, you can take steps to protect your practice. This course will tell you how to mitigate the risk and respond appropriately if you experience a breach or ransomware demand.

    Prepare Your Practice From This Common Threat  
  • Straight From a Lawyer’s Mouth: Answers to Your Legal Questions

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    Gain access to the experience and expertise of health care attorney Amanda Hill, JD, as she discusses the challenges that put practices at risk, followed by a live Q&A session.

    Take Advantage of This Rare Opportunity  
  • Revenue Cycle Management


    This publication outlines the keys to successful revenue cycle management, starting before a patient is in the office. Each step on the way to receiving payment needs your methodical attention, with established processes and a well-trained staff. You don’t have to go it alone. Revenue Cycle Management: Keys to Success is your guide for getting paid.

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  • Rebuilding the Physician: Blueprint for Growth

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    Although 96 percent of physicians acknowledge that colleagues who have a potentially impairing condition should be reported to relevant authorities, fewer than half disclose this information to anyone. This may result in your colleagues being distressed longer than needed. Attend this conference to learn about proven methods to help physicians, as well as strategies to handle subtle and covert grief in your medical practice.

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  • Human Resources Seminar


    Managing a medical practice often pulls you in many different directions on any given day. Complying with rules and regulations, dealing with a multiple personality types, keeping staff motivated and trained — human resource management can be overwhelming! Added to the mix is your awareness that just one mistake can lead to fines or litigation.

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  • Navigating the Referral Minefield

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    This publication explains the safe harbors and exceptions created to ensure the best, unbiased treatment and care. Learn to spot the nuances of the laws so you can avoid unintentional violations and know when to contact an attorney when you’re unsure.

    Stark and Antikickback Rules — Need to Know  
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    Check out other CME activities from around the state. All providers are either accredited by the Texas Medical Association (TMA) or by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME).

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