• Hardwiring Happiness

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    What is happiness and why does it matter? Happiness is difficult to define but most people know it when they see or feel it. Regardless of the influences, individuals can take charge and learn strategies to cultivate happiness in their lives. Obtain the strategies and tools to help you hardwire happiness into your life.
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  • Balance for Life

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    Optimism is more than living in a rose-colored world. Instead, take steps to change your perspective and prioritize your life activities to align with your core values - because your perspective can affect how positive or negative your reality is. In this course, find out how to protect your calendar to dedicate time to things that matter to you; review commitments and set boundaries to help you approach your next step toward work-life balance; and acknowledge, reflect, and celebrate the positive balance you have created in your life.
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  • Monitoring Opioid Therapy for Chronic Pain

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    This brief manual will guide physicians in the office setting who are prescribing opioid pain relievers to their patients with chronic pain. It covers the use of drug testing in the office setting, how to talk to your patients about drug testing, contracting with your patient for appropriate drug use, and methods of testing.
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  • Managing Your Medical Records

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    Are your medical records protected from liability? Do you understand the rules of consent, release, and disclosure? The majority of medical records are now maintained in an electronic format. While there is much debate about the efficiency of the electronic record, it is a must for a modern medical practice. This guide will help you organize your medical records in a way that is legible, practical, and efficient — no matter if they're paper or electronic. 
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  • Fraud and Abuse Prevention Simplified

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    Laws governing Medicare and Medicaid participation are complicated and confusing … while state and federal governments are doubling down on enforcement. This publication explains the laws and regulations related to Medicare and Medicaid fraud and abuse and how the government is enforcing them.
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  • Learn To Make HIV Screenings A Routine Part of Your Practice

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    In 2014, 54 percent of U.S. adults had never been tested for the disease, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, even though one preventive HIV screening is covered each year under the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid, Medicare, and many insurance plans. Make HIV testing a routine part of your practice.
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  • Managing Your Online Presence

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    More than 80 percent of patients start their search for a doctor on the internet. If you Google your specialty and city, does your practice show up? If so, how far down the page? Whether you like it or not, your online reputation already has been created for you.
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  • EHR to EHR Conversions - When, Why and How

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    Has your EHR has become inefficient? Whatever the issues, you don’t have to let an outdated EHR worsen. Attend this webinar and get help with thinking through your options to make an informed decision about upgrading or replacing your system. 1.25 AMA PRA Cat. 1

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  • Do-Not-Resuscitate Orders: Updates and Changes

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    A new law, Senate Bill 11 passed by the 85th Texas Legislature, provides a framework that regulates in-facility DNR orders. But the bill’s language leaves some issues murky; physicians who treat end-of-life patients in a hospital must take note of the law’s host of criteria for what else can constitute a valid DNR.
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