• For End-of-Life Care, Fresh Challenges Begin 

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    Before SB 11 took effect, as TMA’s white paper notes, no specific Texas laws or regulations governed in-hospital DNRs. Only out-of-hospital DNR orders were explicitly regulated, and they applied to any life-sustaining treatment.


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  • Recipes for a Happy Staff

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    This course is written with one purpose in mind … to help physicians and managers create a positive atmosphere that encourages happiness and professional fulfillment for your staff. Once your staff realizes your investment in them, they will experience an emotional connection that results in their investment in the practice. Ultimately, a happy staff equals happy patients, and therefore a happy physician and successful practice.
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    Reduce Turnover and Have a Happier Staff  
  • Data Conversion a Hurdle in EHR Switch

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    In making the shift, one of your biggest concerns will be transitioning data  — you may have years of data on thousands of patients — from the old EHR to the new one. Because EHR systems are not standardized, the ability to move data from one EHR to another is not precise and usually is difficult, Shannon Vogel, TMA’s director for health information technology (HIT), says in her new publication, Switching EHR Systems
    1 AMA PRA Cat. 1 • 1 ETHIC

    Kiss Your EHR Goodbye
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  • Annual OSHA Training for Medical Office Staff

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    This on-demand webinar meets the requirements for annual OSHA training that a medical practice is required by law to provide to physicians and staff. 2 AMA PRA Cat. 1

    Training is Every Year for Everyone  
  • Helping Patients With Advance Care Planning

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    New rules from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) allows payment to physicians who consult with their patients on advance care planning. Further, Texas MOST Committee developed a resource for physicians that will help in their treatment of patients in need of advance care planning. Listen to the on demand program and learn what the MOST form is, how it will help you discuss end-of-life planning with your patients, how to implement advance planning process, and Medicare requirements for billing. 
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    Get the MOST From End of Life Planning
  • Cyber Security and Ransomware: Protect Your Practice

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    With the risk of data breaches come potential HIPAA violations. While ransomware can disable your practice by encrypting your patient data, making it inaccessible until you pay a ransom, you can take steps to protect your practice. This course will tell you how to mitigate the risk and respond appropriately if you experience a breach or ransomware demand. 
    1 AMA PRA Cat. 1 • 1 ETHICS

    Prepare Your Practice From This Common Threat  
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  • Earn Ethics CME at Clearance Prices

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    Shop paperbacks in a wide range of physician health and wellness topics. You can earn up to 2 AMA PRA Cat. 1 and 2 Ethics credits. Also, take advantage of free shipping for these select titles while supplies last.

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