• Texas’ Newest Med Schools Adjust to COVID-19

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    Texas opened two new medical schools in July – the University of Houston College of Medicine in Houston and Sam Houston State University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Conroe. Thanks to COVID-19, both opened under circumstances that would have seemed bizarre just a year ago.

    A Class by Themselves  
  • A Perfect Match? COVID-19 Forces GME Programs, Med Students to Adjust Resident Selection Process

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    Most fourth-year medical students have one overarching goal – land a good residency in their specialty of choice by graduation. That’s why they become very familiar with the process for doing that.

    A New Spin on Rotations  
  • Texas Med Schools Find Ways to Create More GME Slots

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    Texas’ plan to grow and keep more physicians in state is coming to fruition, but it will require constant nurturing to reach harvest.

    Gauging GME's Growth  
  • Bill Would Expand Student Loan Forgiveness for Texas Physicians

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    The Texas Medical Association and California Medical Association applauded a bipartisan group of U.S. senators for introducing a bill that addresses physician shortages and improves access to care, particularly in children’s hospitals and nonprofit hospitals.

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  • Texas Among Best in Keeping Medical Students, Residents Practicing In-State, Report Shows

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    Texas continues to rank among the most successful states in retaining physicians from its medical schools and residency programs, beating out 47 other states, data from 2019 show.

    Texas Sets Record for Number of Newly Licensed Physicians  
  • Almost $1 Million Awarded to Develop Residency Programs

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    Four Texas medical schools, hospitals, and nonprofit organizations received about $250,000 each to develop new first-year graduate medical education (GME) programs in the state.

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  • Legislative Wins on Education: Planning for Growth

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    Medical education made some gains in the 2019 legislative session, including the statutory approval of two new medical schools – the University of Houston College of Medicine in Houston and Sam Houston State University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Conroe, both of which will open in 2020.

    Charting Medicine's Statehouse Progress: Education  
  • UTHealth Tyler Receives Federal Funds To Develop Rural Psychiatric Residency Program

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    The University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler has been awarded a three-year federal grant of $750,000 to develop a residency program in rural northeast Texas. UTHealth Tyler will use the funds to develop a rural training track in psychiatry.

    Recruiting Physicians Who Want to Settle in Rural Areas  
  • Mentorship Can Boost African-American Representation in Medicine

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    Vivian H. Porche, MD, has been mentoring young African American students since the 1990s, but only a handful followed in her footsteps to become a physician. One of those rare successes came last month when Victoria Beamer, MD, walked across the stage and earned her degree at Wake Forest Medical School in North Carolina.

    The Path to Mentorship  
  • Legislative Hotline: Governor Signs Bill Creating New Medical School

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    Gov. Greg Abbott signed House Bill 826 by Rep. John Zerwas, MD (R-Richmond), which creates the University of Houston College of Medicine, into law Thursday, after it was unanimously approved by the Senate. The new medical school, which will be the 13th in Texas, will welcome its inaugural class in the fall of 2020.

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  • Texas Tech School Of Medicine Agrees To Drop Race As Admission Consideration

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    Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine will stop considering race or ethnicity when selecting candidates for admission, part of an agreement with the U.S. Education Department’s civil rights office.

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  • The Making of a Med School

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    Think of the nation’s 186 medical schools as a club that just about every institution of higher learning wants to join.

    Getting Off the Ground  
  • Legislative Hotline: GME Must Keep Up With Med School Growth

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    Texas physicians are pushing lawmakers on the importance of ensuring enough residency slots exist to train doctors who study in Texas and of preventing gun violence.

    All of This and More
    Under the Rotunda
  • Hotline Video: TMA Leader Calls For More GME Funds

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    In the Capitol this week, Lubbock internist Cynthia Jumper, MD, urged budget-writing lawmakers to adequately fund graduate medical education so Texas won’t lose ground in physicians per capita.

    Under the Dome  
  • What could a TMA membership mean for you, your practice, and your patients?

  • Workforce Articles

    Each Physician Generates $2.4 Million For Hospitals, Survey Shows

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    As the number of hospital-employed physicians continues to rise in the United States, a new survey shows physicians are major drivers of revenue for those facilities.

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  • Women Outnumber Men in Texas Med Schools’ Class of 2021

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    For the first time in 14 years, more women than men enrolled in Texas’ medical schools in fall 2017, an increase that reflects first-year enrollment figures nationwide.

    Take a Look at the Numbers  
  • Does Texas Need More Medical Schools?

    U.S. House floor

    By 2020, Texas will be opening three new medical schools. Will there be enough residency positions for all the new students

    Class Half Full?
  • Advanced Education?

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    A lack of standardization on APRN clinical training has the Texas Medical Association pushing the state to take a closer look.

    Read the Legislative Affairs story in Texas Medicine.

    Seeking Standardization on APRN Clinical Training