Dedicated Cellular Network Open to Physicians Responding to COVID-19


Physicians and other licensed health care professionals are now eligible to join FirstNet, the nation’s only public safety wireless broadband network.

FirstNet, built and maintained by AT&T with first responders and for responders, provides nationwide 4G LTE wireless voice and data. The FirstNet network features First Priority® that supports prioritized and efficient communications, as well as preemptive access to network resources for first responders during times of congestion. This helps ensure fast, efficient, and highly secure communications flow for those on the front lines responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.   

Telehealth applications, which often require video and photos, are data intensive. The data prioritization on FirstNet helps to address that.

FirstNet was commissioned by Congress as a single, nationwide wireless broadband network in response to the communication failures that occurred during the 9/11 terrorist attacks. FirstNet is government authorized, inspected, and supervised, holding AT&T accountable to keeping first responders’ lines of communication open with dedicated mission critical solutions.

Physicians can join or switch to the network at a discounted rate, which includes unlimited data and no throttling. You can register on the FirstNet website, which includes more information on the network. You can also visit an AT&T store and show your credentials (such as a hospital badge or paystub). If you are with another carrier, early termination fees may apply from that carrier.

Remember, you can find the latest news, resources, and government guidance on the coronavirus outbreak by visiting the Texas Medical Association’s COVID-19 Resource Center regularly.

Last Updated On

March 24, 2020

Originally Published On

March 24, 2020

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