TMA Member Sections’ Elections

We are proud to announce results of the 2024-2025 executive council elections. 

TMA Resident & Fellow Section (RFS) Executive Council

  • Daniel J. Hulgan, MD; chair;
  • Kyle Weinstein, MD; chair-elect;
  • Cody Mark Eldridge, MD; secretary;
  • Pruthali Kulkarni, DO; board of trustees representative;
  • Ethan M. Fan, MD, Bryan Hoang, MD, Sri Charitha Koneru, MD, Samantha J. Lujan, MD, Alisa K. Momin, MD, Arifa Plumber, MD, Zaid I. Shah, MD, Telavive Taye, MD; TMA delegates; and
  • Cody Mark Eldridge, MD, Meera Kapadia, MD, Jeyvikram Thirumavalavan, MD; TMA alternate delegates.

TMA Young Physician Section (YPS) Executive Council

  • Lane Joseph Aiena, MD; chair-elect;
  • Carolee D. Estelle, MD; secretary;
  • Katherine McQuade Billingsley, MD, Evan D. Perez, MD; TMA delegates;
  • Carolee D. Estelle, MD, Kenisha Webb Muse, MD; TMA alternate delegates;
  • Zishan Hirani, MD, Grant Pham, MD, Renny M. Varghese, MD; AMA delegates; and
  • Jennifer Nordhauser, MD; AMA alternate delegates.

TMA LGBTQ Health Section Executive Council

  • Emma L. Dishner, MD, MPH; chair-elect;
  • Alyssa D. Tochterman, MD; secretary;
  • Emily D. Briggs, MD; TMA delegate;
  • Geordi Cortez-Neavel, Texas A&M University; medical student representative.

TMA Women Physicians Section (WPS) Executive Council

  • Nancy Binford, MD; chair-elect;
  • Amita Kumar, MD; TMA alternate delegate;
  • Joy Lo Chen, MD; AMA-WPS associate; and
  • Lenore DePagter, DO, MBA; AMA-WPS alternate associate.

The member sections’ executive councils’ direct activities for the section. The new representatives will begin their terms at the conclusion of TexMed 2024. For the latest updates, and to look out for more information on section events and opportunities during TexMed 2024, visit your section’s webpage.

Last Updated On

March 06, 2024

Originally Published On

March 03, 2023