111th U.S. Congress — 2009

Go to Health Reform School and Earn CME

As part of its campaign to help Texas physicians survive and thrive in the new health care environment, TMA offers Health Reform School.

Sign Petition to Save Medicare

Doctors want to take care of Medicare patients. Congress is forcing doctors to limit the number of Medicare patients we see or to quit taking Medicare patients altogether. Sign the petition by clicking here

Six Things to Know About Medicare ACOs

The health system reform law establishes a new breed of health care delivery system called accountable care organizations (ACOs). (Action, Sept. 1, 2010)   


Texas Medicare Manifesto II

Every year, for almost a decade, organized medicine and Congress go through the same tedious motions. Physicians plead with Congress: “Fix the faulty funding formula Medicare uses to pay physicians: Make it fair.” The current payment system ensures that hospitals, nursing homes, pharmaceutical companies, Medicare HMOs, and many other Medicare providers receive an automatic cost-of-living increase. Meanwhile, doctors — the frontline people who take care of sick and injured Medicare patients — have to scramble to avoid dramatic pay cuts. Medicare patients, especially the elderly, struggle as more physicians who no longer can afford to take new Medicare patients leave the program. More...




Health System Reform


Responsible Ownership


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