Testimonials From Hard Hats for Little Heads Event Sponsors

"My interest in the program comes from seeing kids ride with no helmet or a poorly fitting helmet and worrying about the consequences of a minor accident turning into a severe injury. I would highly recommend this program to physicians who are cyclists or to primary care or emergency physicians interested in promoting head injury prevention."
- Aaron K. Joseph, MD, Friendswood

  "We have found a great way for medical students to connect with the kids. We do healthy child screenings and immunizations during our events, and the helmets are a great way to earn the kids' trust. We get the opportunity to practice our communication and our clinical skills." 
- Leena Samuel, Texas A&M

"The event definitely gave us some exposure, but mostly was our way of giving back to the community."
- Kalyani Raja, MD, Coppell

"The best incentive is prevention, community safety, and having the community realize there are caring physicians and families working for their well-being, not just in the doctor's office."
- Ruth Ashlock, Wichita County Medical Alliance

"We felt this was a way to give to the community, children in particular, a safer future, even if only in one area. Helmets were the perfect opportunity. It has also given us the opportunity to provide helmet education and safety to other organizations and schools."
- McLennan CMS

"Thank you so much for your contribution to our CATCH Fitness Fun Run! We have raised funds to purchase bicycles for the top runners at each grade level, but really needed helmets to keep our children safe. This program is not only promoting exercise and healthy habits, but also giving bikes and helmets to children who may not otherwise get them. So again, thank you for helping us make this possible."
- Allan Elementary

 "We would like to thank Texas Medical Association for your generous donation to the city of Kyle's First Ever Family Fun Ride. Your helmet donation was given to every child who participated. We hope their participation in the event, along with getting a free helmet and t-shirt, will encourage them to continue cycling in a safe and positive manner."
- City of Kyle Parks and Recreation Department

"The community loved what you were doing out there. Every child was walking around with one of your helmets on, announcing to everyone how important it was to always wear one! You most certainly made a difference today. I can't thank you enough for being there for these kids!"
- Fort Worth Police Department