Medicaid Patients and “No-Show” Fees

Q: Can I charge Medicaid patients a "no-show" fee if the patient fails to cancel an appointment without sufficient notice?

A: No. Medicaid does not allow patients to be billed for missed appointments. If a patient routinely skips scheduled appointments, the office should consider discussing the situation with the patient. Many Medicaid patients do not have access to reliable transportation, which is a frequent cause for missed appointments. The Medicaid Medical Transportation Program (MTP), which is housed at the Texas Department of State Health Services, can assist patients schedule transportation to and from physician office visits. Patients can schedule transportation by calling MTP at 1-877-MEDTRIP.

For more information on the program, physicians can visit the DSHS website at .

If the patient is enrolled in a Medicaid managed care plan, the plan can assist the practice with patient education and case management.