Physicians Must Validate Email to Avoid Medicaid Disenrollment, Payment Delays
By Emma Freer

Texas physicians who care for Medicaid patients should confirm their email address is valid in the Texas Medicaid and Healthcare Partnership’s (TMHP’s) Provider Enrollment Management System (PEMS) to ensure effective communication and timely payments from the state Medicaid administrator.  

Although there is no deadline by which to comply, TMHP regularly reminds clinicians to check their enrollment records, especially if there have been recent administrative changes to their practice.  

Without a valid email address on file in PEMS, clinicians will not receive online correspondence from TMHP, including reminders regarding their upcoming revalidation due dates, or be able to start a revalidation request, among other consequences. Clinicians who fail to complete their respective revalidations by their given due dates will be disenrolled from Medicaid, which can cause payment delays and claim denials from both TMHP and managed care organizations.  

For step-by-step instructions on how to add and verify your email address in PEMS, check out TMHP’s handout.  

TMHP also encourages clinicians to add the “” domain to their safe senders list in their email system and to avoid unsubscribing from TMHP emails.  

For more information, reach out to TMHP via email or by calling (800) 925-9126. 

Last Updated On

May 29, 2024

Originally Published On

May 29, 2024

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