Resident and Fellow Section Member Highlight: Maria Najam, MD

Maria Najam, MD
Name: Maria Najam, MD

Specialty: Internal Medicine

City: Weslaco

County Medical Society: Hidalgo-Starr CMS

Social Media Handle: 
Facebook: Maria Najam
Instagram: Najam.maria
Twitter: MariaNajam6 

Why do you think your section is an important part of TMA?
Residents are an important part of TMA. We are the future of Medicine. It's important that young doctors share their experience to the table and take part in advocacy, resolution and policy making.


What benefits have you derived from your membership in the section?
Being part of the Resident and Fellow Section, you have the opportunity to be part of House of Delegates. It gives you a platform to advocate for your patients, fellow residents and for the health care system. It also gives me opportunity for networking with fellow residents across Texas and enhances my leadership ability.

NajamIs there a cause, activity, or organization you're involved in that you would like to mention?
Recently I had the opportunity to visit the Capitol Hill at Washington D.C as part of ACP Leadership day. It was a wonderful and gratifying experience to share real life stories to the legislators to advocate for our patients, fellow residents and for the improvement of the health care system.

Who or what inspired your medical career?
My patients and see them getting better inspired me to be the better version of myself. It’s the most rewarding profession where you make the difference in peoples life and the gratification you receive in the end is priceless.


Do you have a favorite quote or personal motto? 
Personal Motto: When you want something by the core of heart the whole world conspires you to achieve it.
Quote: "Doctor: Your devotion and care brings healing, comfort and hope."

Last Updated On

July 25, 2023

Originally Published On

October 04, 2022

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