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Volume 118, Number 2 - March 2022

 The Health Insurance Issue

The New Gold Rush (pages 14-19)
Texas’ prior authorization law sets a precedent for other states. By Joey Berlin

Infographic: Health Insurance Coverage in Texas (pages 20-21)
By Sean Price

Navigating a Broken System (page 22)
Helping patients use health resources. By Sean Price

Insurance Consolidation (page 24)
AMA report shows high concentration in insurance markets. By Joey Berlin

A Looming Deadline (pages 26-29)
What the public health emergency's end means for coverage. By Emma Freer

Communication Amid Complexity (pages 30-31)
An interview with TDI Commissioner Cassie Brown. By Amy Lynn Sorrel

Other news stories:

Economics: A Long-Overdue Fix (pages 32-34)
Comprehensive Medicare reform could halt pay cuts. By Emma Freer

Economics: Power Data (pages 36-37)
Texas' Claims Database Will Help Clarify Care Costs. By Emma Freer

Education: Screen Test (pages 40-45)
COVID-19 forced residency interviews online. Will the change be permanent? By Sean Price

Vaccines (page 47)
Talk to Patients About: COVID-19 Variants. By Sean Price

Also in this issue: 

04 Commentary: Surprise billing
06 Rounds: Winter Conference
38 Self-reporting to OIG
48 COVID-19 profile: Donald Murphey, MD


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April 26, 2022

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March 01, 2022