Table of Contents: December 2021

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Volume 117, Number 12 — December 2021

Cover Story: Strength in Numbers (pages 16-21)
Women have always been a minority in medicine, but their numbers are growing rapidly, and they now outnumber men among Texas medical school enrollees. Challenges have mobilized women to improve the medical profession – and medicine – for themselves and future generations.  By Emma Freer

Profile: A Texas Trailblazer (pages 4-6)
May Owen, MD, was a medical pioneer and TMA’s first female president. By Sean Price 

Infographic: The Leaky Pipeline (pages 22-23)
This infographic takes a look at the growing influx of women into medicine – and some of the difficulties they face once they get there. By Emma Freer

Public Health: Saving Mothers’ Lives (pages 26-30)
Texas has taken big steps to combat maternal death and illness in recent years, and TMA physicians have helped lead that fight.  By Sean Price

Public Health: Ten Years Later (pages 32-34)
TMA advocacy has helped put funding for family planning and women’s health care in much better shape since it was slashed a decade ago.  By Joey Berlin

Member Feature: Martha Pugh, MD (page 48)
One of TMA’s longest-serving TMA members flourished in a male-dominated era of medicine. By Emma Freer

Also in this issue:

Legislative Affairs: Compact for Care (pages 38-42)
Texas has joined an interstate agreement that makes out-of-state licensure much easier. By Sean Price

Legislative affairs: “Gold Card” Law Coming (pages 44-45)
TMA recommendations have countered those of health plans to ensure the prior authorization law is implemented as intended. By Joey Berlin

Vaccines: El Paso’s Recipe for Success (pages 46-47)
Local health authorities keep searching for ways to improve COVID-19 vaccination, but El Paso seems to have found the “secret sauce.” By Joey Berlin

Rounds and Deaths (page 8-14)
History of Medicine: Women in Texas medicine  (page 15)
Economics: Avoid Medicaid coding mistakes (pages 36-37)



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November 30, 2021