Table of Contents: June 2021

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Volume 117, Number 6 — June 2021 

Cover Story: This Changes Everything (pages 20-25)
Adopting telemedicine may have been one of the biggest pandemic-inspired adjustments for most practices. But other technologies – and some non-technological projects – suddenly graduated from interesting side project to urgent priority. By Sean Price

Practice Management: Deal or No Deal (pages 26-27)
Negotiating a health plan contract is one of the most important business moves an independent physician can make. By Sean Price

 Law: Livelihood on the Line (pages 28-30)
A San Antonio cardiothoracic surgeon sues over alleged disparagement and malicious peer review by a local hospital. By Joey Berlin

 Education: Systematic Learning (pages 32-35)
Teaching health systems science helps medical students understand bigger picture of how health care works – before they graduate into the real world. By Sean Price

Quality: PEAQ Performance? (pages 36-38)
A New Blues performance recognition program shows little progress in addressing physicians’ concerns over such quality programs. By Joey Berlin

Quality: MIPSperceptions (pages 40-44)
An AMA study confirms doctors’ perception of Medicare’s quality program as burdensome, but views of its impact on patient care are split. By Joey Berlin

Vaccines (page 47)
Talk to Patients About: Vaccines and residual materials. By Sean Price

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10 Leadership College
12 Rounds
48 Member spotlight 


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