Poster Session Information

Who’s eligible?


  • Academic leaders  
  • Academic faculty and staff 
  • Students (medical, health professions, graduate)
  • Post-docs 
  • Residents/Fellows 
  • Health and wellness providers (e.g., county medical society physician health and wellness providers, academic wellness team)


What's at Stake? 

The top three poster winners will receive monetary awards and give a brief presentation at the PHW Exchange on Saturday, Oct. 24, provided by the TMA Committee on Physician Health and Wellness in collaboration with UT Health San Antonio. 


  • 1st place: $750
  • 2nd place: $500
  • 3rd place: $300
  • Audience choice winner: $500 


Abstract Theme 

Abstract submissions should highlight the TMA Committee on Physician Health and Wellness initiative in academic medicine and fit with its theme of supporting clinicians’ and learners’ health and wellness. Submissions should include COVID-19-related material. Examples are (but not limited to these):

  • Bridging the perspective gap between generations in medical and scientific training (e.g., reactions to COVID-19)
  • Over- and under-supervision challenges of academic medical center faculty during COVID-19 (e.g., revisiting the CORE competency model, adding telemedicine electives to curricula, anticipating curriculum models to change with the second surge of COVID-19)
  • Over- and under-supervision challenges of academic medical center faculty
  • Challenges of virtual learning (e.g., no lab-based classes, using previously collected data for research-based courses, modified grading exceptions, effect of curricular disruptions)
  • False perceptions of exhaustion and fatigue (e.g., from the individual to the supervisor and vice versa, lockdown fatigue in the time of COVID-19)
  • Intersectionality and well-being
  • Effects of COVID-19 on academic medical center wellness programs
  • Impact of “work” overload on wellness and resilience during COVID-19
  • Evidence-based screening methodologies to identify unhealthy behaviors among the trainee population, staff, faculty, and leaders 
  • Strategies for effective collaborations and partnerships that encourage health-seeking behaviors (e.g., principles of socialization that also mitigate the effects of COVID-19 on the medical community)
  • Effects on employer-employee relationships involving such factors as financial distress, changes in clinical service demand (e.g., modify or sever), and growing anxiety to care for COVID-19-diagnosed patients
  • Models of effective work-life integration (e.g., overcoming anxiety and fear of the unknown)
  • Innovative approaches to wellness (e.g., proactive vs. reactive during the time of COVID-19; mindset adaptation, new learning models for the medical student class of 2025; utilizing student council/organizations for increasing communications) – student and trainee perspectives (a category for students and trainees)   

Deadline for submissions: Aug. 14, 2020

How to Submit

All abstracts must be submitted through Survey Monkey Apply, click HERE. The submitted abstract should contain the following:

  • Title
  • Author(s)
  • Short Description
  • In 500 words or less:
    -Conclusion/Areas for Follow-Up 

Review and Selection Process 

The TMA Committee on Physician Health and Wellness and institutional leaders will review, evaluate, and select abstracts using the following criteria: 

  • Aligns with the abstract theme,
  • Exhibits clarity of writing and organization,
  • Clearly states and supports goals,
  • Demonstrates the potential for adaptation by other programs,
  • Displays creativity and originality, and
  • Has significant impact for academic medicine. 

Notifications of acceptance will occur in early September. Accepted abstracts are eligible for poster presentation virtually. Presenters will receive an invitational email with virtual poster display instructions. 

Winners will receive additional instructions regarding virtual poster presentations. 

Virtual Event Fees 

All presenters are responsible for registering in advance for the virtual event, paying the registration fee (no fee for medical students). 


Upon receipt, all abstracts and posters become the property of the Texas Medical Association. TMA reserves the right to reproduce information/photos/other content in promotional materials and on the TMA website.


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May 21, 2020