History of TMAF: Then and Now

TMAF History

Texas Medical Association Foundation (originally named Texas Medical Education and Research Foundation) was founded in 1966 by TMA and served mainly as a repository for bequests from TMA and TMAA members to support medical education loans and scholarships. In 1988, the TMA Board of Trustees Subcommittee on Development was formed to undertake a thorough review of the Foundation and as a result began the process of transforming the Foundation into the proactive, vigorous resource to advance health and science in the state on behalf of Texas physicians that it is today.

To launch the new foundation, TMA created A Legacy of Caring endowment campaign in 1989. This successful effort rallied physician commitment to the Foundation. Today, the Legacy Endowment consists of nearly $2 million dollars. Investment income from the Legacy endowment is used only to fund programs. Some of the first programs that were made possible by this fund include Live & Then Give, a campaign to encourage organ donation: a cholera prevention project in El Paso colonias: Shots Across Texas immunization effort: Hard Hats for Little Heads bicycle helmet program: and a comprehensive, three-part family violence campaign.
In May 1993, the TMA Board of Trustees elected to form a separate Foundation Board of Trustees made up of physicians, members of the Alliance, and professionals from around the state. The board brings unique resources to the Foundation and as a result, program, partnership and fund-raising opportunities have expanded significantly over the years.

TMA Foundation Today 

TMA Foundation is the only philanthropy in Texas dedicated to the charitable concerns of all physicians. The mission of TMAF is to "fund initiatives with the power to help physicians create a healthier future for all Texans." Funding of TMA projects is based on their ability to target urgent health needs affecting a large segment of the state's residents with results that can be measured. Projects often involve collaboration among medicine, business and community, which maximizes the effectiveness of programs and enable efforts to be tailored to meet local needs.
Funded initiatives focus on the public health and science priorities of TMA. TMA Foundation extends the reach of physicians beyond their offices through initiatives that are based on physician expertise, medical science, and that encourage effective public-private partnerships. Funding applications come from TMA, its component societies, or are submitted jointly for projects done in cooperation with outside organizations.
TMAF produces a newsletter two times per year and an annual report.
TMAF staff are available to answer your questions about the Foundation or opportunities for giving. Call Lisa Stark Walsh at (800) 880-1300, ext. 1666, or (512) 370-1666, fax (512) 370-1642. Or you may e-mail her at lisa.walsh[at]texmed[dot]org

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March 23, 2010