Get to Know Texas’ New and Improved Immunization Tracking Service
By David Doolittle


Pop quiz: What is the recommended age range for giving a fourth dose of the Diphtheria, tetanus, and acellular pertussis (DTaP) vaccine?

If you said 15 to 18 months, you clearly know a lot about vaccines.

That means you probably already know about the Texas Department of State Health Services ImmTrac2 immunization registry, which securely and confidentially consolidates and stores Texans’ immunization records in one place. 

You wouldn’t need me to tell you that ImmTrac2 allows you to track patients’ vaccines records, and help them stay on schedule by accurately projecting when they’ll need vaccines.

I won’t waste any more of our time by telling you that 60,000 organizations use ImmTrac2, or that it contains immunization records for more than 8 million Texans.

I’m sure you’ve probably gone to to order free patient education brochures and posters.

OK, you might know that ImmTrac2 replaces the ImmTrac system that launched in 1996. 

But do you know that you will need to renew your enrollment so you can have login credentials? 

Oh, you did? Well then I won’t tell you to visit to register or to contact ImmTrac2[at]dshs[dot]texas[dot]gov for more information.

Finally, I’m sure you’ve checked out or even participated in the Texas Medical Association’s Vaccines Defend What Matters program, one of several TMA programs and initiatives to help you educate your patients about the importance of immunizations.

Last Updated On

August 06, 2021

Originally Published On

April 20, 2018

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