170.001 Good Samaritan Law


Good Samaritan and Charitable Immunity Laws: The Texas Medical Association continues to support the Good Samaritan Law, that allows persons including physicians, to render aid in an emergency free from liability when it is not provided for or in expectation of compensation. The Texas Medical Association continues to support the Charitable Immunity Law which allows any health care provider who voluntarily provides medical or health care to the needy free of charge to be free of liability risks. These laws allow semi-retired and retired health care professionals to participate in providing health care to those in need without having to purchase professional liability insurance. TMA continues to support legislative efforts to dissolve road blocks to access to medical care by the needy (Res. 27DD, p 181K, I-90; reaffirmed CSE Rep. 5-I-01; amended CSE Rep. 8-A-11).

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October 07, 2016