Starting a New Practice?

Whether starting out fresh from residency or starting over in an independent practice, a myriad of tasks and important decisions await you. To help you stay on track and get off to a good start on opening day, consider the following steps:

  • Establish relationships with a bank, health care attorney, and health care accountant;
  • Develop a three-year business plan, including setup expenses and operating costs for loan acquisition;
  • Locate medical office space, and design work flow arrangement and/or build out of space;
  • Purchase insurance (professional liability, disability, business, and health), practice management software, medical and office equipment, and telephone systems; and
  • Hire and train qualified personnel on office policies and procedures.

Building a medical practice requires a concerted effort and careful planning. For more information about TMA Practice Consulting's setup services, call (800) 523-8776, or click  here. You can also go online for information on insurance from the  Texas Medical Liability Trust  and the  Texas Medical Association Insurance Trust