Giving Societies: TMA Foundation Major Donors

TMA Foundation's Major Donors

Major donors to TMA Foundation include TMA and TMA Alliance members, as well as individuals who are leaders in their profession and community who share medicine’s goal to improve the health of all Texans. The foundation is grateful to the more than 200 Major Donors whose leadership is enabling TMA to reach more Texans each year with its award-winning health improvement programs.

Entry level is $10,000 or more in cumulative cash contributions, including previous cash contributions.  This is an ongoing program, so as you increase your level of giving, you will receive appropriate recognition. There are seven levels:
First level ($10,000-$24,999): Pacesetters
Second level ($25,000-$49,999): Advocates
Third level ($50,000-$99,999): Benefactors
Fourth level ($100,000-$249,999): Stewards
Fifth level ($250,000-$499,999): Ambassadors
Sixth level ($500,000-$999,999): Innovators
Seventh level ($1 million and above): Visionaries

In early 2001, the first installment was made in a series of a special recognition walls on the highly visible 10th floor in the TMA building. These generous individuals have been designated as our charter major donors.  The wall is a permanent tribute to the 38 charter major donors who have made cumulative cash contributions of $10,000 or more from 1990 to 2000.  A second donor wall has been installed to recognize subsequent major gift donors.  For all major donors, as their giving level increases, we move their plaques to the appropriate level.

In addition, major donors are recognized through a variety of publications including the TMA Foundation newsletter and Texas Medicine .

Major donor status can be achieved through the following gift types: 

Contributions can be designated for specific programs.  Named endowments are another giving option and may be created for a gift of $25,000 or more.  Endowments are a way to create an enduring fund in the donor's name or it can serve as a tribute or memorial.  An example of a named endowment is the  Ernest and Sarah Butler Endowment for the Recognition of Excellence in Science Teaching , which fund the science teacher award program.

For further information, call  Lisa Stark Walsh  at (800) 880-1300 ext. 1666 or (512) 370-1666.

New and Upgraded Major Donors

Each year, hundreds of donors make gifts at all levels to help Texans make healthier choices where they live, work, learn and play. The foundation's major gift program acknowledges the importance of committed donors by recognizing individuals who cumulatively donate $10,000 or more to build a healthier Texas. TMAF is proud to honor these new and upgraded major donors in 2016. Read more about these donors.

Pon Satitpunwaycha, MD

Lee Ann Pearse, MD and Mr. Einar Vagnes
Dr. and Mrs. Jim and Charli Rohack

Dr. Charles and Terri Andrews
C. Enrique Batres, MD
Deborah Anne Fuller, MD

Dr. Robert and Maya Gross 
Pat and Paul Kitchens
Dr. and Mrs. Don Read
Charlotte Stelly-Seitz, MD and William W. Seitz
Donald Stewart White and Dr. Linda Villarreal