You, Too, Can Become a Web Content Expert

"The strong desire for health information (third most common activity on the web) has been filled by WebMD and other consumer sources of information. Unfortunately, it has also meant that the likes of Jenny McCarthy (ex-Playboy Bunny) are also viewed as sources of health information."  Dave Chase, health blogger 

Wouldn't it be great if your patients and potential patients regarded you as the go-to health authority? You can establish a reputation as such on your own practice website.

You don't have to be a prolific writer, or much of a writer at all. Useful, credible content on the Internet abounds. Your job as an expert is to collect news, health tips, and other information that will help your patients and reflect you role as a trusted professional.

You can find these online from your professional associations, government agencies like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or health care blogs and websites you trust. For example, say you want to make a case for vaccinating children. TMA's blog,, has several posts on this topic. Find one you like and hit "Repost this article" to place it on your own website. Or you can introduce a website or web article you like and link to it, like this:

Do you have questions about the Affordable Care Act health insurance marketplace? The Texas Medical Association's "Hey, Doc" campaign has a good set of Q&As that explain it all clearly.

Always be sure the source of any blogposts or articles you use is evident to the reader.

Yes, this does take time, but posting the right information also can save time if it answers your patients' usual questions or questions that might come up seasonally or as a result of something in the news. Keeping your content current and topical conveys you are an organized and modern office, as well, Aimee Ostrander, creative director at Akaro Graphics in Austin. Posting new information on your website also gives you something to tweet about, sending people to the website. Using social media in this way is best and quickest way to boost webpage ranking on search engines, Ms. Ostrander says.

Published Nov. 13, 2013  

Updated Aug. 19, 2014

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