ICD-10: What Should Practices Do Now?

Before you start stressing over impact assessments, dual-track coding, and ICD-10 test claims … back up: The right first step in your transition to ICD-10 is getting everyone in your practice to understand what ICD-10 is and how it will affect the practice.

Focus on education, documentation, and accepting the change, says Denny Flint of Complete Practice Resources in a video interview with TMA Practice Management Consultant Heather Bettridge.


ICD-10 is all about documentation to meet the new level of code specificity, Mr. Flint said. Physicians, especially, need to embrace this concept. “Once  they get their arms around the fact that it’s not 70,000 new codes; it’s maybe a dozen or so new documentation elements they have to learn … you can hear the audible sighs (of relief),” Mr. Flint said.

Understanding this gives you a starting point for moving through the transition in a measured way. For example, you may want to conduct a chart audit to see how coding and billing for typical services under ICD-10 would play out with the current documentation. This will point the way for the kind of education and workflow changes needed in your practice for the move it ICD-10.

You can hear more from Heather Bettridge and Denny Flint in new live webinar, ICD-10 Starts With Physicians: A Primer for Beginning the Process. It’s scheduled for Jan. 30, noon to 1 pm CT. Register now

 More Ways TMA Can Help 

  • Bookmark www.texmed.org/icd10 to stay abreast of news and resources.
  •  TMA Practice Consulting can help you assess your current documentation skills through a coding and documentation check-up or a more thorough review. For expert assistance, call (800) 523-8776 or email practice.consulting@texmed.org.
  •  ICD-10 transition software: This easy-to-use electronic ICD-9 to ICD-10 GEMs mapping system will help you quickly and easily identify which ICD-10 codes replace the ICD-9 codes your practice uses now. It also can be a training tool for staff.

Published Jan. 22, 2013 

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