Retirement or Sale of a Practice Checklist

  • Notify patients. 
  • Notify employees. 
  • Evaluate the terms of the lease and give notice to landlord as required, or consider options to renegotiate if the lease is of longer duration than the time the physician wishes to remain in practice. 
  • Investigate sources to sell or dispose of medical and office equipment. 
  • Make arrangements to store or transfer custody of medical records. 
  • Inventory drugs and dispose, sell, transfer, or donate according to federal and state requirements. Contact the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) for specifics.
    If the physician is retiring or relocating, notify DEA in writing and enclose DEA Controlled Substance Certificate and controlled substance order forms (cross out and write "void" on forms before sending). 
  • If changing office address, send letter to DEA six weeks in advance, notifying the agency of the change, along with old and new addresses. Mail to one of the following branches:

Drug Enforcement Administration  

10160 Technology Blvd, East
Dallas, TX 75220
(888) 336-4704
(214) 366-6900

San Antonio
10127 Morocco # 200
San Antonio, TX 78216 
(210) 442-5600

1433 W. Loop S #600
Houston, TX 77027
(800) 743-0595  

  • Unused triplicate prescription forms/Official Prescription forms:

Triplicate prescription forms and official prescription forms issued by the Texas Department of
Public Safety (DPS) prior to September 1, 2016, are valid for Schedule II controlled substances.
However, if the pre-printed DEA Registration Number is no longer valid, then the unused and
voided forms should be returned to:

Texas State Board of Pharmacy
Texas Prescription Program
333 Guadalupe, Suite 3-600
Austin, TX 78701

  • If retiring, see Texas Medical Board Physician Retirement Options.

  • If changing address, please complete TMB’s online Change of Address Form.

  • Review Chapter 165 of the Texas Medical Board rules on medical records.

  • Advise county medical society, specialty society, and the TMA and AMA membership departments of a change of address or retirement. TMA and AMA addresses are as follows:

    Texas Medical Association
    Attn: Membership Department
    401 W. 15th St.
    Austin, TX 78701-1680
    (512) 370-1300 or (800) 880-1300

American Medical Association

How do I update my address or phone number?
You may update change your information in several ways: 

  • Call AMA Member Relations at (800) 262-3211
  • Visit the AMA Online Data Collection Center
  • If the physician has practiced under a name other than his or her own (e.g., "Doctor's Westside Clinic"), he or she should have filed an assumed name certificate with the county clerk. The physician should contact the county clerk to deactivate this assumed name if he or she is closing the practice without a buyer or if someone else is assuming the practice under that name. 
  • If the physician is in solo practice as a professional association, a lawyer must file "Articles of Dissolution" with the Texas Secretary of State's Office in Austin. In addition, a lawyer or accountant should contact the comptroller of public accounts to pay any annual franchise taxes that may be due. 
  • If the physician and other physicians have practiced as a professional association and the professional association will continue in existence after the physician's retirement or departure, shares of ownership must be transferred to another physician licensed in Texas. A lawyer should be consulted for this matter. 
  • If the physician and other physicians have been practicing as a partnership (or have had an operating agreement like a partnership to share office space) and the partnership will continue after the physician's retirement or departure, then withdrawing from the partnership or otherwise transferring the partnership interest is necessary. The departing physician should consult a lawyer regarding this matter. 
  • If the physician has operated X-ray and/or mammography equipment in the office, the physician holds a license from the Texas Department of Health and must maintain a record of the transfer or disposal of such equipment. For details, contact:

    Texas Department of State Health Services
    Radiation Control Program MC 2835
    Texas Department of State Health Services 
    P. O. Box 149347 
    Austin, Texas 78714-9347
    (512) 834-6688

  • Send written notification of retirement or a change of practice address to Medicare and Medicaid. Include the effective date of the retirement or address change. Information may be sent to the following addresses:

    Physicians that will continue to order or refer services for Medicare or Medicaid patients, after retirement (i.e. volunteer work, vacation coverage), should be aware that both Medicare and Medicaid plan to implement ordering and referring requirements. When the ordering/referring requirements are implemented, the ordering/referring physician must be enrolled in Medicare and Medicaid, in order for the rendering provider to receive payment. For more information, please see the links below:

    CMS: Ordering/Referring Information

    Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual – Section 1 Provider Enrollment

    Medicare retirement notification:

    Physicians should submit a voluntary withdrawal via internet based PECOS or by submitting the appropriate 855 application.

    Effective 7/29/13, paper applications may be submitted to: 

    JH (Part A & B) Provider Enrollment Services
    P.O. 3095
    Mechanicsburg, PA  17055-1813

    Medicare Resources:

    Novitas Enrollment Center

    Enrollment Guide

    1.4.2  Provider Status (Individual, Group, Performing Provider, or Facility)
    Providers leaving group practices must send a signed letter or a Provider Information Change Form to TMHP that states the date of deactivation. The letter should include the provider identifier, effective date of deactivation, and the group’s provider identifier. The letter should be signed by an authorized representative of the group or the individual provider leaving the group. If the provider is joining a new group practice or enrolling as an individual, the provider must complete and submit a new Texas Medicaid Provider Enrollment Application to request enrollment in the new group or as an individual provider.

    Provider Change of Information Form

    The address and fax to send enrollment changes:
    Texas Medicaid & Healthcare Partnership (TMHP) Provider Enrollment
    PO Box 200795
    Austin, TX 78720-0795
    Fax: 512-514-4214  

    Tricare South (Humana Military Healthcare Services):
    Contract Network Providers
    (800) 444-5445 

  • Advise professional liability insurance carrier of the physician's change in status. If the physician has a "claims made" policy, consider purchasing additional insurance to cover claims that may be filed after the coverage lapses. (This additional insurance is known as a "tail policy.") If the physician will be practicing part-time, insurance coverage may still be advisable. (See "TMA Insurance Information for Physicians Who Plan to Retire,") The Texas Medical Liability Trust maintains a liability insurance hotline to assist physicians in determining their insurance needs: (800) 880-8658.

  • Information on life, health, disability, and office overhead coverage also is available to TMA members through the Texas Medical Association Insurance Trust, 401 W. 15th St., Austin, TX 78701-1680; (800) 880-8181.

    For more information about the process, read Closing or Selling Your Medical Practice


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