Test your office for patient confidentiality

Here are a few simple ways to test your office for patient confidentiality: 

  • Sit in the patients' waiting area and listen to the front desk. Can you hear discussions of patients' financial status or medical conditions?
  • Walk throughout the office. Do you see any open charts at a nurses' station where patients may see them inadvertently?
  • Are there loose papers in your medical charts that may fall out and be seen by unauthorized personnel?
  • Does your policies and procedures manual address patient confidentiality and consequences should a breach occur?

Your policies and procedures manual also should address these areas of interoffice confidentially: 

  • Business records,
  • Personnel matters, and
  • Staff performance issues.

If you need help in addressing problems associated with patient or interoffice confidentiality, TMA Practice Consulting   can help through an operations assessment or development of a custom policy and procedures manual. You also can purchase a  Medical Office Policy and Procedure Manual  template from the TMA Bookstore.

Content reviewed: 3/26/2007

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