Thinking of creating a brochure for your practice?


Some of the benefits of a practice brochure are:


  • It is an excellent, ethical public relations tool that can present your practice in its best possible light;
  • It can orient new patients to your practice, including its physicians, their philosophy, and their relationship to the community;
  • It educates patients about your office policies;
  • It tells your patients what is expected of them, helping to prevent misunderstanding about your office procedures;
  • It encourages you and your staff to re-evaluate your practice policies and procedures, since you will be communicating these to your patients;
  • It provides something tangible patients can keep and show to their friends and relatives; and
  • It can reduce telephone calls by as much as 30 percent.

Some practices have two brochures. One is strictly for promotional purposes and does not discuss any financial systems, collections, or compliance issues. Its purpose is to attract new patients, perhaps through a direct-mail campaign, and to introduce patients to your practice. The second brochure is for new and current patients and contains all financial system information and details of collections.

Click here for tips on creating an effective brochure.


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June 23, 2016

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