Designing an Effective Practice Brochure

A practice brochure is an excellent, ethical way to present your practice in its best light while providing your patients with routine information that can help their visit to your office go smoothly. To create an effective, professional brochure, incorporate the following elements:


  • Create an eye-catching cover that welcomes the patient to your practice;
  • Use pictures to break up text (a few outstanding photographs or illustrations are better than lots of little ones);
  • Provide detailed information about each physician and the special services your practice provides;
  • Explain your appointment, billing and insurance, and telephone policies. Cover such matters as missed appointments, prescription refills, emergency calls, and test result calls;
  • Use color or graphics to highlight important elements such as office hours and services offered; and
  • Include a map and directions to the practice.

Don't skimp on quality because the look and feel of the brochure reflects the professionalism of your practice.



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June 23, 2016

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