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The collection and analysis of TMA member complaints continue to benefit members and all Texas physicians by documenting reimbursement hassles. Participation by physicians in the Hassle Factor Log Program enhances TMA's ability to make reimbursement less of a hassle for its members. TMA Hassle Factor Log users must sign a Business Associate Agreement. MembersOnlyRed

NOTE : This Business Associate Agreement is exclusively for the use of the Texas Medical Association (TMA) in conjunction with the physicians participating in the TMA Hassle Factor program.  This Agreement does not constitute legal advice to anyone other than the corporation of TMA itself.  Physicians signing this document may wish to seek their own legal counsel prior to signing the Agreement.  This Agreement is tailored to the specific services provided by TMA in the Hassle Factor Program and is inappropriate for any other use.  Any other use, reproduction or distribution of this document by individuals or corporations outside of TMA is unauthorized.  Should unauthorized use of the Agreement occur, TMA shall not be liable to anyone for any inaccuracy, error or omission, regardless of cause, including negligence, or for any damages resulting therefrom.

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November 08, 2016

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