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Relief in Site: Physicians Say Setting Should Not Determine Medicare Payments - 06/06/2023

Physicians want to reform a Medicare policy that allows hospital-owned outpatient clinics to charge more than medical practices and ambulatory surgical centers for most medical procedures. This pay discrepancy pressures medical practices to merge in order to protect themselves from hospitals hot to acquire medical practices that, once bought, can collect much higher fees.

At Your Service: Practices focus on patient experience and convenience - 06/05/2023

Practices focus on patient experience and convenience to compete in an ever-changing medical landscape.

A Shelter From the Practice Viability Storm: TMA Braces Physicians Amid Economic Headwinds - 05/31/2023

TMA is here to help all practices – regardless of setting or payment model – thrive, remaining steady in its advocacy at the state and federal levels to protect physician autonomy and to defend against the corporate practice of medicine.

TMA Moment in Time: SGR Repeal - 04/25/2023

The historic victory has roots in TMA advocacy and may provide a playbook for future Medicare reform.

Mending Medicare: Federal Spending Law Reduces Physician Pay Cut Amid Reform Push - 04/12/2023

A massive federal spending law took effect in late 2022, delivering a smaller-than-scheduled Medicare physician pay cut in 2023, but the Texas Medical Association and others in organized medicine continue to push for comprehensive reform.

TMA Special Interest Sections’ Elections - 03/03/2023

We are proud to introduce incoming executive council members for each special interest section. Their terms begin at the conclusion of TexMed 2023. Learn more about the council members.

How to Automate Payment Processes, Avoid Patient Debt - 11/09/2022

Maximizing automation functions within a practice management system can have many hidden benefits to physician practices, not the least of which is saving on costs and time – and heading off payment delays.

How to Cut Operational Costs? TMA Experts Have Answers - 10/21/2022

The cost-conscious physician trying to cut expenses can start by looking around the office.

New TMA Committee Aims to Protect Private Practice - 10/18/2022

Private practices across Texas face the same threats as their larger counterparts: successive physician pay cuts, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and rising inflation. But they lack access to the same resources when dealing with them. The Texas Medical Association is dedicated to helping them keep their doors open, which led to the formation of a new Ad Hoc Committee on Independent Physician Practice.

The Next-Gen Practice: How Millennials Are Transforming Medicine - 10/05/2022

Millennials, now the largest living adult generation in the U.S., are searching for on-demand care, transparent pricing, and more supportive workplaces, providing the impetus for new practice models and for existing practices to adapt.

Young Physician Section Member Highlight: Emma Dishner, MD, MPH - 10/04/2022

Find out about Young Physician Section member, Emma Dishner, MD, MPH.

You've Got Direct Mail: Direct Messaging Offers Practice Benefits - 10/03/2022

Direct messaging is a low-cost, electronic communication method similar to email that allows physicians to exchange protected health information over the internet in a secure, HIPAA-compliant manner.

Ask the Expert About Managing Operating Costs - 09/25/2022

Learn how to best manage operating costs in the Texas Medical Association’s next Ask the Expert session on Sept. 29 at noon CT.

TMA Young Physician Section Young at Heart Award - 09/15/2022

Read about the history and award winners of the TMA Young Physician Section Young at Heart Award.

New TMA Committee to Bolster Private Practices - 08/29/2022

The COVID-19 pandemic and a recent spike in inflation are just the latest in a string of pressures that are increasingly driving private practices in Texas and across the nation out of business – a trend the Texas Medical Association is aiming to reverse through the formation of a new Ad Hoc Committee on Independent Physician Practices.

Section News: Save the Date for Fall Conference - 08/15/2022

Informative business meetings, educational programming, and a fun All Sections Trivia Night Mixer. Mark your calendars to attend the Texas Medical Association’s Fall Conference, Sept. 16-17 for these and other TMA section events.

Nickel and Dimed: Physicians Can Avoid Electronic Credit Cards and Their Fees - 07/29/2022

Some small medical insurance companies are trying to force physicians to receive payment via electronic credit cards, but medical practices can avoid this costly problem.

Member Spotlight: Gates B. Colbert, MD, Young Physician Section Chair - 07/18/2022

Meet Richardson nephrologist Gates B. Colbert, MD, chair of the Texas Medical Association’s Young Physician Section. He believes the section is an important part of TMA because “young physicians are at the critical point of [being] just out of training, but not quite into the stride of their practices and career. We are a many-thousand-physician bloc that is meeting the challenges of taking excellent care of patients, balancing the needs of our families, and growing our careers.”

Member Spotlight: Emily D. Briggs, MD, Women Physicians Section Chair - 07/04/2022

Meet New Braunfels family physician Emily D. Briggs, MD, chair of the Texas Medical Association’s Women Physicians Section. Dr. Briggs feels the section is an important part of TMA because “historically, women have been underrepresented in medicine. Over the decades we have made significant strides. However, leadership in medicine does not reflect this advancement.”

Pinch Points: Health Care Isn’t Immune to a Tight Labor Market - 06/29/2022

Health care isn’t immune to a tight labor market, but employee retention efforts can help.

Help Determine Your Section’s Priorities - 05/23/2022

If you’re a Texas Medical Association special interest section member and haven’t done so already, please check your email inbox for the section survey. This quick, five-minute survey will help determine each section’s priorities in the coming year. Feel free to take the survey for every section that represents you and provide your feedback by Sunday, June 5.

Women Physicians Section Elects New Executive Council - 05/09/2022

The TMA special interest sections stayed busy during the week of TexMed 2022 at the Hilton Americas-Houston, with the introduction of a new executive council, CME sessions on sensitive transgender care and implicit bias, and more.

Section News: Award Deadlines, Elections Approaching - 04/05/2022

Several of the Texas Medical Association’s special interest sections are accepting nominations for annual section awards. Feb. 20 is the deadline to nominate candidates.

Section News: TMA Sections Meeting Virtually at Winter Conference - 04/05/2022

As announced last week, the Texas Medical Association’s 2022 Winter Conference meetings will be held virtually to ensure the safety of our physicians and staff. Be aware that some of the section meeting times and dates have changed. Visit the TMA Special Interest Sections webpage for schedule and agenda updates.

Unity in Diversity: Member Sections Promote Leaders, Inform Policy - 01/03/2022

TMA’s special-interest member sections help promote leaders and inform policy.