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Nail Your Virtual Job Interview, With TMA’s Help - 09/18/2020

Job interviews can be stressful and uncomfortable, but the recent shift to virtual interviews because of COVID-19 adds an entirely new layer of awkwardness. If you’re looking for tips on how to stand out virtually, check out a new Texas Medical Association webinar, How to Ace a Virtual Interview.

Words and Actions That Erode Trust in the CDC Hurt Us All - 09/18/2020

As our nation struggles to overcome the most severe threat to public health in our lifetime, we must rely on evidence-based science and data. Doing so is key to formulating an effective response that protects our patients while earning their trust in the guidance we provide.

Governor Rescinds Non-Emergent Surgery Restrictions in Most of Texas - 09/18/2020

Gov. Greg Abbott today reauthorized non-emergent elective surgeries at hospitals and allowed nursing homes to reopen for visitations under certain conditions across the majority of Texas.

COVID-19 Negatively Affecting Physician Wellness, Survey Shows - 09/17/2020

Fifty percent of physicians have experienced inappropriate anger, tearfulness, or anxiety because of COVID-19’s effects on their practice or employment, according to a new survey on the pandemic’s effects on physicians.

Be Vigilant - Hospital Medical Staff Bylaws and You - 09/16/2020

To bolster an argument that bylaws are binding on physicians, medical staff, and a hospital, the Texas Medical Association Office of the General Counsel has crafted language that could improve the binding effect of your hospital’s bylaws.

TMA Delegates OK Policy on Certain Health Care Disparities, LGBTQ Health Section - 09/15/2020

At an unprecedented live virtual meeting Saturday, the Texas Medical Association House of Delegates took action on a variety of initiatives important to the health of all Texans.

How Has COVID-19 Affected Care Along the Border? - 09/15/2020

The Border Health Caucus and the Texas Medical Association will host a Tele-Town Hall meeting on COVID-19 specifically for physicians caring for patients along the border at 7 pm (CT), Thursday, Sept. 17.

Health Officials Seek Input to Increase COVID-19 Testing Capabilities - 09/11/2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, federal health officials are considering expanding testing capacity for certain commercial, academic, medical center, and public health laboratories to help maximize diagnostic testing in the U.S.

Help Parents Understand COVID-19 as Classes Resume - 09/11/2020

To help your patients or their parents answer questions about COVID-19 as school classes resume, the Texas Medical Association has created several documents for you to share.

Help Keep Students Safe (And Masked) as Classes Resume - 09/10/2020

To ensure you have the tools to advise families on how to stay safe at school, the Texas Medical Association and Texas Pediatric Society have developed a letter that you can give to your patients with guidance about wearing masks.

New Code Accounts for Certain Additional Expenses During Public Health Emergencies - 09/10/2020

The American Medical Association has released a Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code for reporting additional practice expenses incurred during a public health emergency, including the COVID-19 pandemic.

An Unfortunate Legacy: COVID-19 Reveals Long-Standing Health Inequities - 09/10/2020

COVID-19 reveals longstanding health inequities among minority patients.

What PPE is Needed for Domestic Violence? - 09/03/2020

What do we do when one of our patients has the courage to say, “No, I do not feel safe at home?” We need the skills to know how to continue that conversation and provide the help they need.

Mask Hero Art Contest Winners Announced - 09/03/2020

The votes have been counted, and the three winners of the Texas Medical Association #MaskHero Art Contest have been named.

Continue to Urge Convalescent Plasma Donations - 09/03/2020

Texas physicians should continue to encourage recovered COVID-19 patients to donate convalescent plasma despite concern that its effectiveness has not been demonstrated conclusively in randomized trials.

Tips on Maintaining Professionalism During Virtual Meetings? There’s a Webinar for That - 09/02/2020

If you’re looking for tips and information on maintaining or improving your professional presence during virtual meetings via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or any other virtual platform, tune in to the Texas Medical Association’s latest webinar, How to Have a Virtual Professional Presence.

Commentary: Health and Climate Connected - 09/02/2020

Human health is inextricably connected with the health of the environment. Our actions to reduce the threats of climate change and global warming are key to our well-being and survival.

Commentary: Follow the Evidence on Climate Impact - 09/02/2020

While the World Health Organization estimates that climate change will cause approximately 250,000 additional deaths per year worldwide from malnutrition, malaria, diarrhea, and heat stress, these estimates are based on assumptions using models that have not been validated using real world, observational data.

A Perfect Match? COVID-19 Forces GME Programs, Med Students to Adjust Resident Selection Process - 09/02/2020

COVID-19 has forced GME programs and medical students to make last-minute adjustments in the resident selection process.

A Social Shift: COVID-19 Disparities Prompt Emphasis on Value-Based Care - 09/02/2020

COVID-19 disparities prompt Medicare to call for stronger emphasis on value-based care.

Medicine Calls for Health Care Access For All Texans - 09/01/2020

State leaders need to work with organizations like the Texas Medical Association to ensure that all Texans have access to health care coverage during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. That is the message TMA and 32 state health organizations wrote in a letter to Gov. Greg Abbott this week seeking his support to enact comprehensive health care coverage initiatives.

National Registry Gathers Key Data on COVID-19 - 08/31/2020

As COVID-19 continues to affect our communities, it is essential to understand the impacts of this outbreak. A new national data platform, developed right here in Texas, can help us do just that: the COVID-19 Registry. I ask you to participate in the COVID-19 Registry, share it, and engage colleagues, patients, friends, and family members.

Vote for Your Favorite Mask Hero Art - 08/31/2020

Earlier this month, the Texas Medical Association asked Texas youth to submit their artistic visions of what a mask hero looks like to them. Nearly 100 students participated, and now it’s time to vote for a winner.

Health Plans Extend Telemedicine, Cost-Share Waivers - 08/28/2020

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, health plans in Texas have adopted various temporary deadlines and extensions as part of their coronavirus policies.

Tell Your Patients: Census Participation Key to a Healthy Texas - 08/28/2020

The U.S. Census helps determine funding for those resources, and that is why it is of the upmost importance that each and every Texan, no matter address, immigration status, or age, respond to the 2020 U.S. Census The deadline has been cut short one month and now closes Sept. 30.