Workers Compensation

Workers' Compensation - 09/01/2021

Practice management tools for workers' compensation.

Workers’ Comp Centralizes Designated Doctor Reports, Narratives - 03/24/2021

As of March 1, 2011, Texas workers’ comp designated doctors should fax their reports and associated narrative attachments to a single, central fax number — and be sure to use the right forms.

Supreme Court Backs TMA on Proof in Workers’ Comp Fee Disputes - 02/04/2021

The state Supreme Court has sided with the Texas Medical Association on a key issue in workers’ compensation administrative fee disputes, ruling that physicians and hospitals don’t have to constantly reprove their case if an insurer appeals a decision.

Late Medical Bills Won’t Be a Reason for Workers’ Comp Claims Denials, State Says - 03/26/2020

The Texas Division of Workers’ Compensation says late filings of medical bills will fall under the law’s “catastrophic event” exception due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Workers’ Comp COVID-19 Claims Require Work-Related Connection, Officials Say - 03/23/2020

As cases of COVID-19 mount in Texas and across the U.S., some patients who test positive for the disease might file a claim under their workers’ compensation insurance if they believe they contracted COVID-19, or the coronavirus that causes the disease, as a result of their work. Under workers compensation, injured workers must prove their infection was work-related, the Texas Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) notes. If they don’t, their claim may be denied. And claim denials, of course, mean those workers’ physicians may have trouble getting paid.

An Injury to Justice: Workers' Comp Disputes Could Tilt in Insurers' Favor - 01/02/2020

Medicine is working to upend a recent appeals court decision that threatens to give health plans an overwhelming advantage in fee disputes in workers compensation cases.

Using Unlisted Codes for Workers' Comp Services - 10/29/2019

Using Unlisted Codes for Workers' Comp Services

Charging a Fee to Complete Forms - 10/19/2017

Can practices charge a fee to complete individual disability income claims forms?

Steering Clear of Trouble - 09/01/2017

Pharmacies that compound topical creams and gels of questionable or nonexistent efficacy and then bill insurance for huge amounts are a growing problem, especially in the Texas workers' compensation program. Sometimes, they convince physicians to play a part in their schemes, offering kickbacks or other inducements in exchange for referrals. It's a nasty business doctors need to know is out there — and strictly avoid.

Practice e-Tips on Workers' Compensation - 08/23/2017

E-Tips on Workers' Compensation