Leadership Opportunities and Professional Development - 08/14/2018

Get Involved! No matter what your interests are, there is something for everyone including leadership opportunities at local, state, and national level. Ultimately it is you who decides how active you want to be and where your interests lie.

Dealing With Unprofessionalism - 05/03/2018

Unprofessional behavior in a colleague can adversely affect patient care and result in poor patient outcomes.

Be Certain Your Behavior Around Colleagues, Patients Stays Professional - 05/03/2018

No matter how well you know a patient or how at ease you might feel around a colleague, be careful. With sexual harassment and assault allegations dominating the news lately, it's a good time to make sure you’re always conducting yourself in an unquestionably professional and appropriate manner.

TMA Knowledge Center Offers Current Medical Diagnosis & Treatment 2015 - 04/20/2018

To deliver the best care to your patients, turn to the No. 1 annually updated guide in internal medicine and clinical practice, Current Medical Diagnosis & Treatment 2015. The latest edition is now available in AccessMedicine, a database offered as a member-only benefit through the TMA Knowledge Center.

Doctors, Don't Throw One Another Under the Bus - 12/01/2016

Commentary — December 2016 Tex Med. 2012;112(12):11-12. By Jeremy Gabrysch, MD Here is just a sampling of things I hear from my patients all the time:  "I went to the ER, and they said my wrist might be broken, even though the x-ray was negative. The orthopedic doctor said that was ridiculous." "We went to the urgent care over the weekend, and my daughter was put on antibiotics for an ear infection. When I saw the primary care doctor, he said she doesn't need antibiotics and that the doctor was being overly cautious." "My mother had this dizzy spell, and the doctor was worried that it was a mini-stroke. The doctor we saw in follow-up said there's no possible way this was a mini-stroke. I don't know whom to believe. Did that first doctor know what she was doing?"  Comments like these are indicative of a disturbing trend: For some reason, many doctors feel compelled to add on to, embellish, or otherwise totally repudiate the findings of another doctor who had previ...

Half of All U.S. Physicians Say They Are Burned Out - 10/18/2016

U.S. physicians love their patients and hate paperwork. Unfortunately, a newly released survey by The Physicians Foundation finds that the paperwork is winning. Fifty-four percent of physicians surveyed say their morale is somewhat or very negative, and 49 percent say they either often or always feel burned out.

When Is It Okay to Laugh? - 05/25/2016

Commentary — May 2015 By Skye Clarke, DO Now in my last year of residency, I feel confident in my identity as a "real doctor," and not just a scared, nerdy kid in a scratchy, white coat. However, I still struggle with maintaining that particular type of composure traditionally expected from physicians. I am a laugher. The world is hilarious to me.  Every time a code grey (combative patient alert) is announced, I suppress laughter at the thought of myself and like-bodied coworkers (imagine scrawny, myopic doctors, muscles wasted from years inside studying) breaking into a choreographed ninja routine in matching spandex to subdue the aggressor. When a patient, convinced she has a family history of blindness from "aunt's eye-ities" actually has a personal history of "anxiety," I am delighted at such grammatical blunders. This does not mean I don't take my patients' problems seriously or that I constantly mock people in my head. I simply find enjoyment in observing unique manneri...

A Calling to Help - 05/13/2016

"During my three years at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Paul L. Foster School of Medicine in El Paso, I've seen approximately 1,000 patients come in with a wide variety of health issues," said medical student Jason Wang. Around the holidays and early this year, his knowledge was called upon not once, but twice, in emergency situations.