Patient satisfaction

More Dissatisfaction With U.S. Health Care Quality, Access - 02/05/2019

The percentage of Americans dissatisfied with the quality and availability of health care in the nation have reached levels not seen in a decade, according to data the Gallup organization released in late January.

Appearance Isn't Everything ... - 05/03/2018

When it comes to the physical appearance of your practice, make sure your idea of acceptable doesn’t leave a “dumpy” impression on your patients.

Survey Says … - 04/19/2018

Texas Medical Association leaders say physicians should take the time now to understand the impact of patient satisfaction and evaluate themselves before payers or others do it for them. Already Medicare ties a portion of hospital pay to patient satisfaction measures, and similar mandates are beginning to hit physicians.

For Overall Health, There’s No Place Like the Medical Home - 04/12/2018

If you’re interested in transforming your practice into a comprehensive medical home, make plans to attend the Texas Primary Care and Health Home Summit this weekend in Austin.

Customer Service, Not Physician Ability, Tops Patients’ Online Gripes - 12/19/2016

A study of online reviews revealed that most online patient complaints are about a medical practice’s customer service. What do online comments say about your practice?

Use These Four Steps With Irate Patients - 12/19/2016

When faced with a highly emotional patient, your first task is to lower the emotional level of the patient so you can negotiate a reasonable solution. Use these four steps to accomplish that.

Your Medical Office Is a Reflection of You - 06/23/2016

Considering that you are in your office on a daily basis, and may not notice the little things that need repair or replacement, know that your patients are taking notes. So take a moment to evaluate these items in your practice.

Satisfy Patients and Boost Your Bottom Line - 06/23/2016

Your front office staff can contribute to your bottom line — in just a few minutes. Find out how.

Real-Time Revolution? - 05/25/2016

Austin Regional Clinic (ARC) physicians and officials know patient feedback is important, but getting patients to provide it can be a challenge. A pilot program of a new, real-time feedback system provided ARC patients a high-tech convenience previous attempts lacked and produced participation numbers dwarfing those past efforts. ARC's initial results with the system, in which patients answer five to seven questions on a computer tablet and can leave free-text comments, were so successful the clinic is already planning to expand it to all of its locations by the end of June.