Medical Education

The Class of COVID-19: Texas Medical Students Struggle with Uncertainty - 07/10/2020

Texas medical students struggle to fight the pandemic in their own way while adjusting to a lot of uncertainty.

New Tyler Medical School Wins Approval - 03/04/2020

 The University of Texas Board of Regents late last month unanimously approved the first medical school in East Texas – and the 16th in the state – at The University of Texas Health Science Center in Tyler.

Extreme Medicine: Students Learn to Improvise in Unusual Situations - 12/04/2019

UTMB medical students take part in a two-week extreme medicine program offered in August through UTMB’s preventive medicine residency department. The main thrust of the class was to help aspiring physicians learn how to cope in austere settings where most or all of the tools of modern medicine are unavailable

Dell Med’s “Growth Year”: Innovative Curriculum Hits Milepost - 09/04/2019

Dell Medical School turned students’ third year into a “growth year” in which they could pursue either an independent health care project or a dual degree. Here’s how three Dell Med students spent this past year.

Unlocking Doors: Minority Scholarship Program Connects Students with Mentors - 09/04/2019

When the Texas Medical Association founded its Minority Scholarship Program in 1998 to diversify the physician workforce, Dr. Ramamurthy became both a contributor and a mentor to students who receive the scholarships. “When you’re mentoring students, one of the things that you want them to understand is that you’re somebody they can talk to who is not only there as a teacher, but as a friend,” she said. Other top donors to the Minority Scholarship serve voluntarily as mentors to student awardees. TMA encourages those arrangements because they can benefit both parties.

The Making of a Med School - 08/02/2019

Building more medical schoos might seem like an obvious answer to the doctor shortage, especially because medical schools can bring other benefits to a community beyond producing physicians, including prestige, high-paying jobs, and improved health care services. But not everyone is a fan of the idea, and starting one from scratch is complicated. Some have struggled more than others to get established, mostly because of funding.

Inspiring Choices: Mentorship Can Boost African-American Representation in Medicine - 08/02/2019

African Americans are underrepresented in medicine. Mentorship can help them choose medical careers.

Education: Planning for Growth - 08/02/2019

Medical education made some gains in the 2019 legislative session, including the statutory approval of two new medical schools.

Relationship Between Intent to Vaccinate and the Education and Knowledge of Human Papillomavirus Among Medical School Faculty and Students in Texas - 07/29/2019

Little attention has been given to the state of human papillomavirus (HPV) education in medical schools and how this impacts future vaccination practices. We surveyed medical school faculty and students to assess the relationship between knowledge and willingness to recommend HPV vaccination.

Have Your Say on Medical Licensing Exam Changes - 07/19/2019

The U.S. Medical Licensing Exam has received a lot of attention in recent months, much of it controversial. You now have the opportunity to weigh in on proposed changes to how the exam is scored.

Texas Tech School Of Medicine Agrees To Drop Race As Admission Consideration - 04/12/2019

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine will stop considering race or ethnicity when selecting candidates for admission, part of an agreement with the U.S. Education Department’s civil rights office.

“Look to your past to know where you’re going” - 02/26/2019

Ailment-plagued childhood helped set medical student’s path.

On a Medical Mission: New Osteopathic Medical School Changes How Medicine is Taught While Helping San Antonio’s Poorest Communities - 02/05/2019

Incarnate Word’s osteopathic medical school is changing how medicine is taught while helping San Antonio’s poorest communities.

Summit Aims to Recruit Black Males for Medical School - 02/04/2019

African-American men are in short supply in U.S. medical schools. To help address the problem, Black Men In White Coats will hold a youth summit Saturday, Feb. 16 at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. The objective: Mentor kids as young as 9 years old — boys and girls — who might be interested in medicine as a career.

You Can’t Care for Someone You Don’t Understand: Class Helps Med Students See Care From Patients’ View - 02/04/2019

Today’s medical students want to be prepared to provide the best patient care. More than ever, that means understanding not only how to provide quality care, but also the patient’s experience accessing that care. Students at UT Southwestern are addressing this deficiency in knowledge through an elective, Healthcare in Underserved Communities, offered to all UT Southwestern MD and physician assistant students in their first and second years of school.

Clinic in the Colonias - 06/19/2018

Student-run clinic helps the medically underserved while educating future physicians.

Retaining Medical Graduates in Texas - 04/27/2018

Texas ranks 43rd in the country in ratio of physicians to patients. Recruiting and encouraging in-migration of physicians, although strengthened by the 2003 liability reforms and streamlining of the licensing process, remain inadequate in keeping up with the state's continuing population growth. Identifying effective mechanisms to retain the young men and women who graduate from medical school in Texas for their graduate medical education (GME) is an important goal. To meet its physician workforce needs, the state must provide adequate opportunities for college graduates to enter medical school, enough GME positions for any medical graduate who chooses to remain in the state for graduate training, and adequate numbers of fellowship programs.

Furthering Medical Education in Texas - 04/27/2018

Medical education in Texas is moving in the right direction. The Texas Medical Association has been a major partner in advancing medical education initiatives. This special symposium issue on medical education examines residency training costs, the Next Accreditation System, graduate medical education in rural Texas, Texas' physician workforce needs, the current state of education reform, and efforts to retain medical graduates in Texas.

Donald Seldin, MD: A Giant of Medical Education - 04/27/2018

Donald W. Seldin, MD, known as the “intellectual father” of The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, died April 25. He was 97.

Texas First - 04/24/2018

The 2013 Texas Legislature passed legislation barring foreign medical schools from buying up core clinical training spots at Texas teaching hospitals and institutions. Those clerkships are reserved for third- and fourth-year medical students to begin their clinical training. With most of them at or nearing capacity, however — and a queue of new students as Texas medical schools expand enrollments — there's little room to spare for foreign medical schools to scoop them up.

Borrowing Trouble? - 10/25/2017

Education debt is a growing problem that heavily influences which students choose the medical field and discourages many low-income and minority students.

South Texas Medical School Teaches Students to Help Community - 09/01/2017

As it welcomes its second cohort of students, The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Medical School plunges them into hands-on care early in their academic career. While doing so, the medical school seeks to serve the community -- particularly the underserved -- through outreach clinics and even a mobile care van. That and the school's unique learning models are putting the med school on the map in an area that's longed for this institution for decades.

MD Students: Get Hands-On Training This Summer With GIMSPP - 01/04/2017

Medical students: Your spring semester is starting, which means it's already time to plan for summer. First- and second-year students looking to get a leg-up on your peers take note: Applications for the 2017 General Internal Medicine Statewide Preceptorship Program (GIMSPP) are being accepted.

Costly and Unnecessary? - 12/01/2016

Many U.S. medical students, residents, and physicians want to see the elimination of the U.S. Medical Licensing Exam Step 2 Clinical Skills exam, saying it has a high price tag and an even higher first-attempt pass rate.

Team Player - 08/01/2016

Stuart D. Flynn, MD, is the inaugural dean of the new Fort Worth allopathic medical school, a partnership of The University of North Texas Health Science Center and Texas Christian University.