Scope of Practice


  • Fighting Against Scope Expansion, For Coverage Extension

    Watch TMA physicians once again fight against scope-of-practice expansion for therapeutic optometrists and stand up for uninterrupted coverage for children insured by Medicaid. Lawmakers also honored fallen physicians in a Capitol ceremony, and they gave preliminary approval to a medicine-backed plan to stop teen vaping.

  • Independent Prescribing for APRNs: A Bad Idea

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    The house of medicine sent a handful of its advocates into the ring to stop this year’s effort to give advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) more authority to perform medical acts without physician supervision.

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    Legislative Hotline,
    for March 24, 2021

  • Scope of Practice Legislative Toolkit

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    Health care must be physician-led and team-based. Use TMA's toolkit to help stop scope of practice expansion.

    Scope Toolkit

  • TMA Legislative Hotline: Nurses Could Prescribe Under New Scope Bill


    Feb. 26, 2021


  • State Supreme Court Sides With Chiropractors on Neurological Test

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    The Texas Supreme Court has ruled that chiropractors can perform a diagnostic test used to evaluate a patient’s eye movements, a setback for medicine in a 10-year court battle.

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  • I Won’t Take the Nurse Practitioners’ Bait

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    The American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) is obviously intent on picking a fight with physicians. No thanks. We’ll take the high road, fully aware of the dangers of their plans, and stick with what we know is best for our patients: the physician-led health care team.

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  • CRNAs Can’t Administer Anesthesia Unless Physician Delegates

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    The state attorney general has agreed with the Texas Medical Association in an official opinion that keeps certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) from administering anesthesia without physician delegation.

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    General's Opinion
  • Information on Delegation of Duties to NPPS

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    TMA has a number of tools to help physicians manage nonphysician practitioners (NPPs) properly.

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