Scope of Practice

  • TMA Opposes Bill Defining Clinical Psychologists as Physicians in Medicare

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    A broad swath of organized medicine, including the Texas Medical Association, is asking congressional leadership to oppose a bill that legally would consider clinical psychologists to be physicians within Medicare, saying it “inappropriately” expands psychologists’ scope of practice.

    TMA Fights Bill Expanding Psychologists' Scope  
  • I Won’t Take the Nurse Practitioners’ Bait

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    The American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) is obviously intent on picking a fight with physicians. No thanks. We’ll take the high road, fully aware of the dangers of their plans, and stick with what we know is best for our patients: the physician-led health care team.

    TMA Details Concerns  
  • TMA to Trump: Do Not Expand NPPs’ Scope of Practice

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    When President Donald Trump released an executive order earlier this month that would, in part, expand the scope of practice of nonphysician practitioners, the Texas Medical Association vowed to keep physicians at the head of the health care team. On Monday, TMA President David Fleeger, MD, took a major step to do that, urging President Trump and Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Alex Azar to remove that language entirely.

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  • CRNAs Can’t Administer Anesthesia Unless Physician Delegates

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    The state attorney general has agreed with the Texas Medical Association in an official opinion that keeps certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) from administering anesthesia without physician delegation.

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    General's Opinion
  • Legislative Wins on Scope of Practice: Shot Down

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    When it comes to shooting down dangerous attempts to expand non-medical practitioners’ scope of practice, TMA’s advocacy army once again proved to be expert marksmen in 2019.

    Charting Medicine's Statehouse Progress: Scope  
  • Healthy Vision 2025 Calls for Teamwork, not Scope Expansion

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    The sentence has appeared in every edition of the Texas Medical Association’s Healthy Vision series since the first Healthy Vision 2010 was published 14 years ago: “TMA opposes any efforts to expand any health professionals’ scope of practice beyond what is safely permitted by their education, training, and skills.” That focus on safety remains an integral part of Healthy Vision 2025, published last week. And that sentence remains, verbatim.

    Stop Scope of Practice Intrusion  
  • Does Hospital Plan to Give CRNAs Autonomy?

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    The Texas Society of Anesthesiologists is questioning a Corpus Christi hospital’s decision to replace its long-time anesthesiology team with a group it says appears ready to give certified registered nurse anesthetists more autonomy than Texas law allows.

    Here's What You Need to Know  
  • What could a TMA membership mean for you, your practice, and your patients?

  • Information on Delegation of Duties to NPPS

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    TMA has a number of tools to help physicians manage nonphysician practitioners (NPPs) properly.

    Review the Guidelines and Resources  
  • Medical Associations Challenge Nursing Council

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    The TMA, AMA, and other state medical societies are asking the National Council of State Boards of Nursing to remove or revise parts of an interstate compact that would alter state scope-of-practice laws for advanced practice registered nurses.

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