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  • Get Your Patients to Vote Against Cancer


    Texans generally don’t turn out to vote all that well for elections in odd-numbered years. In fact, less than 6% of registered voters made it to the polls in 2017. In Texas those elections are usually constitutional amendment referendums.

    Mark Your Calendar for Nov. 5 to Vote AGAINST Cancer  
  • Vaping-Related Lung Illness Cases Continue to Rise: Clinical Conference Call Planned

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    Texas health officials are investigating 37 confirmed and possible cases of severe lung disease in youth and young adults who used e-cigarettes or vaping products. To help better understand the vaping epidemic, the CDC will host a clinically focused conference call Friday that will focus on what physicians and other health care professionals are experiencing.

    CDC Has Several Recommendations for Physicians  
  • TMB Clarifies New 10-Day Limit on Opioids


    The Texas Medical Board is trying to head off confusion about the state’s new 10-day opioid prescribing limit for acute pain, which takes effect on Sunday. TMB’s statement, released Friday, appears to address concerns that the new law means acute pain patients must be completely cut off from opioids beyond the 10-day mark. That’s not the case, according to the statement.

    TMB Outlines the Details Here  
  • Clearing the Air on Cannabis

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    Before the 2019 Texas Legislature passed House Bill 3703, the medical use of cannabidiol (CBD) products in Texas was confusing for physicians and authorized only a narrow group of patients: people with intractable epilepsy.

    New Texas Laws Create Challenges for Physicians  
  • Improving Care for LGBTQ Patients

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    LGBTQ patients experience a disproportionate number of health problems, including high rates of mental illness, HIV, obesity, suicide, homelessness, and tobacco, alcohol, and drug use. Many physicians who would like to treat LGBTQ patients often hesitate because they fear they lack the training. While it's important for physicians to educate themselves on caring for LGBTQ patients, it's equally important for those patients to have better access to care. "They haven't felt comfortable going to a doctor," said Kelly Bennett, MD.

    A New Understanding  
  • Disease Reporting in Texas: What You Need to Do

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    You’re most likely aware that you are required to report certain health conditions, diseases, and outbreaks – known as “reportable” or “notifiable” conditions. This helps local, state, and federal health officials to track and study those conditions.

    Conditions You are Required to Report, or How, When, and to Whom  
  • Pediatric Concussion Awareness and Prevention

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    Preventing head injuries is important, especially among student athletes. TMA has compiled resources to help physicians, coaches, parents, and students better understand the consequences and severity of head-related injuries.

    Use Your Head  
  • $18 Million Grants to Help Texas Fight Opioid Abuse

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    More than 70 Texas health institutions have received almost $18 million in federal funds to combat the ongoing nationwide opioid epidemic. The U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration awarded the funds to 74 Texas community centers, physicians, rural organizations, and academic institutions to help establish and expand access to substance-use disorder and mental health services.

    New Help in Opioid-Abuse Fight  
  • Legislative Wins on Public Health

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    Texas physicians got the kind of huge win on tobacco issues they haven’t seen in decades – a law to keep tobacco products away from young people.

    Charting Medicine's Statehouse Progress: Public Health  
  • Measles: Updated Information and Resources Available to Fight Rising Cases

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    As measles cases continue to rise in Texas and across the U.S., the Texas Medical Association and Texas Hospital Association have created a document to help physicians and other health care professionals combat the highly contagious respiratory illness.

    What You Need To Know As Measles Cases Rise  
  • Migrants in Texas Detention Centers Need Basic Care, TMA President Says

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    Migrant parents and children housed in Texas detention centers must have access to basic necessities, including sufficient food, clean water, clean beds, and health and educational services. That is the message of a letter sent last week to state leaders and Texas lawmakers from several organizations, including the Texas Medical Association.

    Letter Sent to State Leaders and State Lawmakers  
  • Talk to Patients About: Vaccines During Pregnancy

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    Child-bearing women may not realize they pass on disease-fighting antibodies to their babies, protecting them early in life. That protection improves greatly when women get certain vaccines before and during pregnancy. They also may not realize getting vaccinated right after pregnancy can stop the spread of illnesses.

    This Month's
    Topic: Vaccines During Pregnancy
  • Health Care is Difficult to Afford, More Than Half of Texans Say

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    Health care is the toughest living expense for most Texans to afford, and many skip or postpone tests, medications, and basic procedures because of the cost. And that very well could be bad for their health, especially for the millions who lack insurance. Those are the findings of a statewide poll on the affordability of and access to health care in Texas published last month by the Episcopal Health Foundation.

    Health Care Costs Too Much, Most Texans Say  
  • TMA is helping to strengthen your practice by offering advice and creating a climate of medical success across the state.

  • What could a TMA membership mean for you, your practice, and your patients?

  • TMA Fighting for Physicians and Patients

    Maternal Health Problems in Central Texas Underscore Statewide Crisis

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    A pair of Texas agencies won separate multi-million dollar grants from the U.S. government to help curb maternal death and illness in the state.

    Find Out Why This is Exciting News for Texas
  • Don’t Change Poverty Level Adjustment, TMA Tells Feds

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    Possible changes to how the federal government determines the national poverty level could negatively affect the well-being and health care options for large portions of the population, a coalition of 10 state medical associations told the nation’s chief statistician this week.

    Poverty-level Proposal Hurts Medicine, TMA Says  
  • West Nile, Chikungunya, Dengue Reported In Texas

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    Several cases of vector-borne diseases have been identified in Texas. Four cases each of chikungunya and dengue have been reported in Dallas, Fort Bend, Harris, Lubbock, Tarrant, and Travis counties, the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) said this week.

    Keep Your Community Safe, Remind Patients to Take These Precautions  
  • Most Texans Support Mandatory Childhood Vaccinations, Poll Shows

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    Although an anti-vaccine movement has continued to grow in Texas, the vast majority of voters support requiring vaccinations for Texas children, results from a poll released this week show. This is the third public opinion survey with very similar findings to be released in Texas in the past nine months.

    Check Out the Numbers  
  • Physicians Serve as Lead Clinicians to Support Mental Health Intervention 

    The impact of adverse childhood events (ACEs) can be lasting and costly on patient health and medical outcomes.

    In the United States, more than 20% of adults report experiencing three ACEs during their youth, potentially increasing the risk of negative, chronic health consequences and challenges such as alcoholism, depression, unemployment, heart disease and substance abuse, among many others.

    Learn More About ACEs