Physician Health and Wellness

  • Continuing Medical Education Programs

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    Need ethics CME? PHW is Your No. 1 Stop! The PHW Committee is committed to providing education regarding health and wellness education accessible online, virtually, or live.

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    and Wellness CME
  • Free Education for Residents and Medical Students

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    Interviews, exams, rotations, and clinical caseloads start at the beginning of a medical profession. Learn how to manage medical profession stressors during a free live presentation.

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  • Annual Physician Health and Wellness Exchange

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    The PHW Exchange took place virtually on Saturday, Oct. 23, 2021. Attendees shared ideas and brainstormed with colleagues to cultivate well-being among the medical community.

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  • Financial Help for Wellness Treatment

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    The PBF Wellness Fund offers financial assistance to physicians who need treatment for conditions that may impact their ability to practice medicine safely.

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  • Interested in Joining the PHW Education Team?

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    The PHW education team reaches more than 3,000 physicians and nonphysicians annually in live CME sessions. Enhance your leadership skills and be the inspiration – join the PHW education team.

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