Physician Ownership

  • Physician-owned hospitals (POHs) are among the highest performing, most cost-effective, patient-preferred facilities in the nation. Yet the Affordable Care Act arbitrarily restricted their growth. The Texas Medical Association urges Congress to overturn this moratorium on POHs.

    Read on to learn more about the rationale and the effort behind this.

  • The Deal's Off: Baylor, Memorial Hermann Opt to Skip Merger

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    Many health care companies have merged in recent years, but nothing symbolized the high-dollar, high-stakes nature of the trend like the proposed $14 billion merger of Texas health care giants Baylor Scott & White Health in Dallas and Memorial Hermann Health System in Houston.

    Baylor, Memorial Hermann
    Call Off Merger
  • Texas Medicine Investigation Exposes Threats to Texas’ Ban on Corporate Practice of Medicine

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    An Austin physician group, one of the city’s largest hospital systems, and an outside hiring firm are engaged in a tug of war that pits corporate finances against the physicians’ view of what’s best for their patients, a three-month investigation by Texas Medicine magazine found.

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  • Abbott to DC: End Moratorium on Physician-Owned Hospitals

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    Gov. Greg Abbott weighed in recently on the Affordable Care Act’s moratorium on physician-owned hospitals, telling Texas’ Republican lawmakers in Washington to support legislation to repeal those restrictions.

    What Did the Governor Say?  
  • Is Congress Doing Enough to Protect Physician Practices?

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    The Physicians Advocacy Institute is urging federal lawmakers to re-examine health care policies to ensure they promote competition and put private physicians on a level playing field with hospitals and other corporate entities.

    Impact of Consolidation Trends in the Health Care Sector  
  • TMA, Other States to Congress: Lift Bans on Physician-Owned Hospitals

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    The Affordable Care Act’s moratorium on physician-owned hospital growth has limited patients’ access to high-quality health care and unnecessarily increased costs for the Medicare program and its patients, a coalition of state medical associations told federal lawmakers last month.

    Lifting the Moratorium  

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