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    Endowment for Innovation Campaign

    TMA Foundation’s Endowment for Innovation Campaign was carried out from late 2014 to 2020 to build TMAF’s General Endowment with these goals:

    • Provide annual earnings to sustain funding for proven and effective programs and ensure TMAF’s operational capacity
    • Offer new funding opportunities to replicate proven programs in more local communities
    • Support physicians in responding to our most pressing health problems by developing new and innovative initiatives and leveraging other sources of support.
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  • Successful Campaign


    The Campaign was a huge success exceeding its goal to raise $1.4M dollars. But the building of this fund continues to be a high priority goal of TMAF. Thanks to generous donors and prudent investment, as of December 31, 2021, the fund stands at $3,488,982.55. This has enabled more than $240,000 in grants and operating support to keep TMAF strong in carrying out its mission, “to fund initiatives with the power to help physicians create a healthier future for all Texans.”

    This fund gives TMAF’s Board flexibility to utilize investment income where needs exist while maintaining careful stewardship that will grow the fund. This includes the rule that contributions cannot be spent, only investment earnings. The principal always will be protected.

    Your tax-deductible gift to TMA Foundation’s General Endowment provides ongoing support for some of the most important and innovative health initiatives in Texas.

  • Why is TMA Foundation so Effective?

    Because physicians lead our work.

    The rigors of medical training and practice, combined with an innate desire to help others, inspire physicians who can effect dramatic change in many lives.

    TMA member physicians, working side-by-side with medical students and TMA Alliance volunteers, have established these proven TMA initiatives:

    • Vaccines Defend What Matters: Nearly 2 million Texans have learned about this multimedia public health education and advocacy effort that aims to help physicians effectively educate patients and the public about vaccines, develops bilingual (Spanish) communication materials for hard-to-reach audiences who may be disproportionately vaccine hesitant, and supports local immunization needs and initiatives and increases vaccination rates.
    • Hard Hats for Little Heads: More than 360,000 free bicycle helmets have been distributed to families in need to prevent childhood brain injuries, encourage safe physical activity, and reduce obesity.
    • Walk With A Doc Texas: At 50 locations every month, TMA physicians host their patients and members of their community for an ongoing series of exercise walks and brief health topic presentations to help families become physically active and reverse the negative consequences of a sedentary lifestyle.
    • Science Teaching Awards: More than $631,100 has been awarded to outstanding teachers and schools to improve science learning and help cultivate and inspire our next generation of physicians.
    • Diversity in Medicine Scholarship: More than $1,277, in scholarships has supported deserving minority students on the path to becoming a physician. By diversifying the Texas physician workforce and meeting the health care needs of an increasingly diverse state, we ensure there are enough professionals around to address the racial and ethnic disparities echoing across Texas’ medical landscape.
    • Medical Community Grants: More than $650,000 in grants have funded local health initiatives designed in partnership with physicians, medical students, TMA Alliance volunteers, and county medical societies who best understand the needs of their own communities.

    Read our full list of programs funded by TMA Foundation’s Endowment for Innovation here.

  • Join us in creating our brightest future!

    We need to continue to grow TMA Foundation’s General Endowment to fulfill our commitment to TMA and to maintain our level of service to the patients and communities served by TMA members. Please keep us in mind as you and your families give, celebrate occasions, recognize achievements, and honor loved ones.  Your tax-deductible gift is a smart investment for multiple reasons:

    • Provide assurance that the programs you care about will be sustained into the future.
    • Your gift serves as a permanent tribute and its impact extends into future generations. 
    • Initiate exciting new opportunities in our community that would not otherwise be possible.