TMA Foundation General Endowment Improving the Health of More Texans

The General Endowment has funded $137,688 in NEW program grants and $273,360 for operations capacity in the nearly six years it has made distributions. 

2022-2023 Grants

  • Provided for telehealth visits for disabled patients of the Rotacare Clinic through a project partnership between El Paso County Medical Society and the Paul Foster School of Medicine TMA Medical Student Chapter, $7,216
  • Continued support of pediatricians and family physicians distributing books to young patients to promote healthy habits and literacy through the TMA Alliance’s Texas BookShare; $12,000
  • Created a new traveling exhibit banner series of the TMA History of Medicine exhibit, Disabilities Throughout History; $2,972
  • Sponsored the Contraception 101 webinar series hosted by the Texas Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy $250

2021-2022 Grants

  • Addressed physician stress and burn-out through “A Blueprint to Thrive!”  that offers physician coaching and a monthly webinar series sponsored by the Bexar County Medical Society; $7,500
  • Assisted individuals from low-income families in Williamson County with medical supplies, prescription medications, and nutrition education to enhance overall health and quality of life for Texans with chronic health conditions through Travis County Medical Alliance and Foundation’s “Diabetes Care for the Underserved” program; $7,500
  • Empowered elementary students to prevent COVID-19 infections with a child friendly educational book, facemasks, disinfectants and hand sanitizer though Nueces County Medical Society Alliance’s “COVID-19 Education for Elementary Students” program; $1,300

2020-2021 Grants

  • Created a new program where pediatricians and family doctors distribute the books to young patients to promote healthy habits and literacy in children of all ages with TMA Alliance’s Texas BookShare; $12,000
  • Converted the TMA History of Medicine exhibit, Art of Medicine, into a traveling exhibit; $1,933
  • Expanded access to medications through the free pharmacy services offered to patients in need through Galveston County Medical Society’s “St. Vincent’s Pharmacy Project”; $7,500
  • Promoted literacy and healthy habits to students from low-economic families through Nueces County Medical Society Alliance’s “Promoting Literacy and Healthy Habits in a Title 1 School”; $1,250

2019 Grants

  • Provided flu vaccinations to several hundred school-aged children in rural Houston County through the Grapeland “Immunization Project” of the Anderson County Medical Society; $3,750
  • Worked to reduce bullying and build self-esteem among children with craniofacial deformities and birth defects of the face or head such as a cleft palate through a campaign by the Bexar County Medical Society Alliance; $2,500
  • Addressed opioid misuse through a Nueces County Medical Society Alliance sponsored symposium that stressed prevention and support for those already affected by the crisis; $5,000
  • Bolstered existing community health programs and services to residents of 21 East Texas counties using a mobile coach through a grant to Smith County Medical Society for the Northeast Texas Public Health District "Health on Wheels” program; $4,000
  • Provided flu and pneumonia vaccinations to more than 150 medically underserved adults through the South Plains Food Bank and the Lubbock County Medical Society Alliance; $2,226
  • Converted the History of Medicine exhibit, Courage and Determination: Pioneering African American Physicians in Texas, into a traveling exhibit; $7,621
  • Converted the History of Medicine exhibit, Deep Roots: Botanical Medicine from Plants to Prescriptions into a traveling exhibit; $2,050

2018 Grants

  • Promoted science and medical education to Texas school children through  seven TMA History of Medicine exhibits, some in Spanish, available at no cost to schools and libraries across the state; $1,000
  • Protected college students from contracting Human Papillomavirus (HPV) by administering the HPV vaccination; social media, clinics and educational efforts have been carried out in two areas of the state where the rate of vaccination is extremely low. This project coordinates with and amplifies TMA’s HVP Working Group, which is directing TMA’s physician education on HPV; $20,000
  • Highlighted TMA priorities at the 2018 University of Health Forum, held quarterly to discuss Texas’ role in public health and safety and the economic impact of public health issues including topics such as maternal health, mental and emotional health effects of adverse childhood events, social determinates of health, and anti-microbial and antibiotic resistance; $6,000
  • Screened homeless and uninsured persons for Hepatitis C,  provided preventative services and referred them for care through a Texas A&M Health Science Center’s student-run health clinic; $1,500
  • Promoted early literacy and health and wellness during well check-up visits for children at six Baylor Scott & White Health clinics which serve low-income communities with a program by Bell County Medical Society; $1,250
  • Gave hope to Parkinson’s patients through “Power for Parkinson’s,” a program of Travis County Medical Society which engages Parkinson’s patients in regular exercise to slow symptoms, improve overall sense of well-being, and provide opportunities for socialization to help prevent depression and isolation that often accompanies the disease; $3,750
  • Gave hope to victims of sex trafficking through the “Anti-Sex Trafficking program” of Lubbock County Medical Society, which helps victims through local assistance groups and raises awareness about human sex trafficking of minors in Texas; $1,320
  • Provided an educational booklet to pediatric practices aimed at decreasing emergency room visits by giving parents the confidence to make decisions about when their children need to go to the emergency room or wait to see their physician; $1,500

2017 Grants

  • Assured uninsured individuals in Tarrant County get the specialty care they need through a $10,000 matching grant to “Project Access Tarrant County” by the Tarrant County Medical Society where physician members are the volunteers; $10,000
  • Translated into Spanish a guide to TMA’s new History of Medicine exhibit, Deep Roots: Botanical Medicine from Plants to Prescriptions  (first grant, awarded June 2017); $2,800 


Last Updated On

March 30, 2023

Originally Published On

June 09, 2020